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Valligent announces new appraisal consulting division
Apr 08, 2010

Valligent, a provider of property valuation and risk management solutions, has launched a consulting division aimed at helping lenders develop strategies for providing accurate, compliant, and cost-effective valuation solutions. The new division will be headed up by Valligent CEO and Chief Valuation Strategist Jeremy McCarty, a valuation expert with extensive experience providing regulatory compliance, technical, and marketing advice in the fields of appraisals and appraisal management. McCarty is a Residential Certified Appraiser and holds an SRA designation from the Appraisal Institute. “Lenders today are looking for more comprehensive answers to their valuation needs, and they're reaching out to companies like ours for help,” McCarty said. “Our new consulting practice is a direct response to this demand. Whether or not a lender chooses our company’s products, we can help create and implement collateral strategies that enable them to quickly choose the correct valuation solution for every property, every time. We can also help lenders take their existing collateral strategies one step further, protecting them against loan failures, noncompliance and wasted resources.” Valligent’s new consulting services are available for collateral policy and process improvement; identifying appropriate risk tolerance; collateral underwriting; fraud detection and prevention; automated valuation (AVM) product analysis, testing and implementation; vendor management; non-performing loan evaluation; portfolio evaluation; and regulatory, HVCC and USPAP compliance. For a limited time, Valligent will provide initial off-site consultations with lenders and servicers, including a brief report of its findings, at no cost. Since its inception in 2002, Valligent has provided more than 150,000 valuation reviews nationwide, using a unique blend of solutions that combine cutting-edge AVM technology with seasoned property valuation experts. Its popular proprietary solution, AppraisalUnderwriter, combines valuations, a desk review and a fraud risk analysis into one product, and is widely used among mortgage quality control professionals. Other Valligent innovations include Collateral Cascade, which uses measured analytics to determine the appropriate valuation solution based on relative loan risk, and DRiVE (Desktop Risk and Valuation Engine), a cost-effective and verifiable alternative to broker price opinions (BPOs). For more information, visit
Apr 08, 2010
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