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MRG chosen by Meridian Bank for doc prep services

Jun 16, 2010

MRG Document Technologies (MRG), a provider of mortgage document preparation and compliance technology to banks, credit unions and other lenders nationwide, has announced that Meridian Bank has chosen MRG’s Miracle Online platform for its mortgage document preparation needs. Devon, Pa.-based Meridian Bank chose MRG’s Miracle Online to grow the bank’s loan volume without significantly increasing workload. After a referral from its loan origination software (LOS) provider, Meridian Bank selected MRG because it is tightly integrated with the bank’s LOS and for automated document package creation. The bank also saw an added benefit in having MRG’s team of mortgage banking compliance attorneys readily available to ensure continual compliance monitoring. “As we work to grow our mortgage lending operation, we look for partners that help us provide personal, hands-on service, without increasing costs,” said Jill Hanawalt, operations manager at Meridian Bank. “With MRG’s Miracle Online, we enjoy the time-saving benefits of automation, coupled with proactive compliance monitoring from MRG’s team of attorneys. As a result, we know that document packages for each and every loan are correct thereby keeping our customers satisfied and Meridian Bank’s compliance risk low.” “Community-based institutions strive for strong, long-term customer relationships,” said Laura LaRaia, an attorney and director of customer service with MRG. “By automating its mortgage document creation, Meridian Bank is able to focus more time on working with customers and less time on the nuances of mortgage compliance.” MRG offers a browser-based system for the preparation and delivery of compliant document packages, electronic disclosures, loan modifications and other services for mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions nationwide. MRG’s products are guaranteed to be in compliance with the most recent legislative and regulatory changes. For more information, visit or
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Jun 16, 2010
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