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ProLender Solutions launches FHA Connection interface
Jul 13, 2010

ProLender Solutions Inc., a lending software provider for mortgage lenders, rhas announced the release of its FHA Connection interface, which allows ProLender users to easily send information from the ProLender software directly into FHA Connection, eliminating the need for users to log into FHA Connection and manually complete the screens. “The FHA Connection interface streamlines the process for FHA loans” said Steve Hendrix, training and support manager at ProLender Solutions. “Our clients are excited they can leverage the information already in ProLender and not have to go to a separate website anymore. It just makes their job so much easier and eliminates a lot of duplicate data entry." The ProLender team, working together in partnership with their clients, created the new FHA Connection screen within the ProLender application to include the ability to validate the subject property address, obtain a CAIVRS authorization, request a case number assignment and submit the appraisal logging. With just a few clicks of the mouse, the user can send the required information over to FHA Connection and receive a response back which improves efficiency and reduces potential mistakes. ProLender develops paperless lending software specifically designed for mortgage lenders looking to streamline their operation. Because the ProLender system integrates with many loan origination systems, credit systems, doc systems, MERS, warehouse banks and much more, all users are able to work from one corporate lending platform, thus streamlining the process and eliminating the potential for costly mistakes. “We take great pride in working with our clients to always provide the greatest efficiency in technology and this new FHA interface is another example of that” said Kevin Roczey, president of ProLender Solutions. For more information, visit
Jul 13, 2010
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