MDA DataQuick Acquired by TPG Capital

MDA DataQuick Acquired by TPG Capital

November 5, 2010

MDA DataQuick, a division of MDA Lending Solutions and an independent provider of property data to real estate and mortgage professionals, has announced that it has been acquired by TPG Capital (TPG), based in Fort Worth, Texas. This acquisition is part of a larger sale to TPG of MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates Ltd.’s (MDA) Information Products business. The Information Products group includes several businesses across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Europe. Properties acquired in the deal, which services the lending industry in the United States, includes MDA DataQuick, MDA Mindbox, MDA Lending Solutions as well as Marshall & Swift, a provider of data and analytics to the insurance industry.
The Information Products group will benefit from joining TPG, which has extensive experience in the market and ownership of complementary companies. TPG is very knowledgeable about the data and financial services sector and is interested in investments that will grow the business.
“We are very excited about investing in these high-quality property information businesses. MDA and the respective management teams have done an excellent job growing these companies," said Bryan Taylor, a partner at TPG Capital. "This investment fits very well within our broader data services portfolio, and we look forward to working with management in the US, Europe and Canada to continue growing these businesses.”
“TPG Capital’s acquisition of MDA DataQuick reaffirms the strength of our business model and will help us to grow our leadership position as an analytics and data provider in the real estate and lending markets,” said John Walsh, president of MDA DataQuick. “We’re positioned to compete and win in these challenging markets, because of operational performance and the stability of our client base. TPG’s ownership and guidance helps set the stage for future growth.”
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