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BlackBox Logic Partners With Thetica to Enhance RMBS Forecasting

Dec 21, 2010

BlackBox Logic LLC has announced a partnership with Thetica Systems to improve residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) forecasting by incorporating BBx Data into Thetica’s powerful analytics modules. BlackBox Logic, a Denver-based data aggregation company, offers a comprehensive database of loan-level collateral underlying non-agency RMBS for investors, broker/dealers and researchers. Thetica provides a suite of tools that integrates output from data analytics and credit modeling vendors, creating an efficient bond valuation platform with an easy-to-customize front-end. “We’re thrilled to team up with the industry’s most comprehensive loan-level data provider,” said Jack Broad, president of Thetica Systems. “This partnership offers analysts and investors more flexible and streamlined integration of bond valuation components including credit modeling, cash-flow waterfall libraries and in-depth loan-level data.” BlackBox Logic’s BBx Data provides access to more than 21 million loans across nearly 7,600 deals, including more than six million active loans and over 5,700 active deals. Users of BBx Data can match individual loans to deal names, group names and other identifiers on cash-flow waterfall platforms including Bloomberg and Intex Solutions. “We’re working with partners to produce better analytics tools that are accessible to the broader community of mortgage market participants,” said Larry Barnett, chief executive officer of BlackBox Logic. “Our work with Thetica fits perfectly with our mission to deliver better data to drive better decisions in the industry.” The platform developed by Thetica, integrating BBx Data, offers a high-speed analytics module capable of running multiple bonds simultaneously under various scenarios, including different pricing, economic and regional metrics. The tool allows for the most precise RMBS forecasting, utilizing BBx’s comprehensive dataset and client or third party credit and default predictions. “BlackBox and Thetica have delivered a highly useful tool that provides better insight into mortgage markets and enables us to better serve our clients. It allows us to make the highest and best use of our predictive models,” said Miles Draycott, head of client solutions for StormHarbour, a New York-based investment firm. “These are truly exciting times for our modelers and analysts.” For more information, visit or
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Dec 21, 2010
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