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Global DMS Announces Smart Phone and Tablet Compatible Release of OASISOne
Mar 28, 2011

Global DMS has announced the first new release of its OASISOne online technology platform. This upgraded version will enable the platform to be accessible via smart phones and tablet computers. This upgrade has been tested to perform 20 percent faster than most Web applications and does not use page refreshing to update information, which results in less wait time and ultimately helps to increase user productivity. OASISOne is an online technology platform that functions as a user’s single-access point and primary online platform for multiple Web-based software solutions used throughout the mortgage process. This enables users to run numerous disparate Web-accessible software solutions from within one single location—much like applications used on mobile devices and smart phones—and to access that software without having to log in and out of one program in order to launch and access another one. With OASISOne, users need to log in just once to OASISOne, and from there, they can run and use other programs from within the OASISOne platform. The previous version of OASISOne was available only on desktop computers. “Mobile computing is huge and it’s only going to get more widespread,” said Vladimir Bien-Aime, chief executive officer for Global DMS. “It’s very clear that consumers want their solutions to be mobile, whether they’re accessible through smartphones or through tablet devices like the iPad. Knowing this, the next logical step was for us to create a version of OASISOne that’s accessible on mobile devices.” Tablet and smartphone technology has been gaining widespread adoption. For instance, during a March 2, 2011 press event announcing the Apple iPad 2 tablet computer, Apple founder Steve Jobs stated that 15 million iPads were sold in a nine-month period in 2010. The iPad was not available for the first three months of that year. Jobs also stated that 100 million Apple iPhone smartphones had been sold to date. The original version of OASISOne’s core technology was designed for desktop computers, but it is also very flexible, so Global DMS was able to keep the core engine intact and still redesign the front facing interface for mobile devices. Now OASISOne can be used on both Mac and PC platforms, as well as across mobile devices that include the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and any device using the Android operating system. The look and feel of the platform has stayed consistent, regardless of the device used to access OASISOne. With this redesign, OASISOne uses an application programming interface (API) that enables technology companies to build an application one time, and have that application available immediately on the OASISOne desktop as well as on OASISOne for smartphones and tablet devices. Typically, different applications must be built for each platform, but with the application programming interface, companies can produce a consistent interface across all platforms, ultimately creating a more consistent, logical and overall better user experience. Global DMS has already launched several applications under its new OASISOne interface, including OASIS, its flagship valuation management program; MARS automated appraisal review system; and its new Global Appraisal Price Index (GAPI), a free application that helps lenders and appraisal management companies comply with the Dodd Frank Act’s customary and reasonable appraiser fees requirement by allowing users to access fees for various appraisal products nationwide.
Mar 28, 2011
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