Mortgage Investors Group Partners With XINNIX on Training

Mortgage Investors Group Partners With XINNIX on Training

May 2, 2011

XINNIX, a provider of mortgage sales and leadership development programs, has announced a corporate partnership with Knoxville, Tenn.-based Mortgage Investors Group to provide its loan officers and sales managers with a comprehensive suite of sales and leadership training programs. After receiving recommendations from existing clients and viewing engaging videos of XINNIX, Mortgage Investors Group selected XINNIX for its sales and leadership programs.
The lender also asked XINNIX president Casey Cunningham to attend their two-day sales rally and conduct live, on-site training to launch the corporate partnership. Following the live sessions, XINNIX is providing online sales and leadership courses to 100 percent of the loan officers and sales managers in the company.
“We had heard good things about XINNIX for many years and talked with several companies who had similar successful training arrangements with XINNIX,” said Chrissi Rhea, president of Mortgage Investors Group. “This year, we thought we could truly use Casey and her team’s expertise to give our loan officers and managers an advantage in the marketplace. We are looking forward to working closely with XINNIX as we gear up our sales force and efforts.”
The corporate partnership includes XINNIX EDGE Online, the mortgage sales workshop that empowers loan officers to grow their production and XINNIX LEADERSHIP Online, which provides sales managers strategies in business planning, recruiting and retention of loan officers, coaching skills and sales force management tactics.
“Consistent training and coaching are crucial elements in not only surviving but prospering in a challenging market,” said Cunningham. “Mortgage Investors Group is dedicated to investing in the education and professional development of its employees. In so doing, the company is positioned to succeed and XINNIX will provide the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure success.”