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Bank of America Commits to the NAACP's Responsible Mortgage Lending Principles

Jul 15, 2011

The NAACP and Bank of America have announced that they will enhance their partnership through the promotion of greater economic opportunity and advancement of community economic development throughout the nation. Bank of America has committed significant resources to support the work of the NAACP, providing financial education to disenfranchised communities that were ravaged by the economic crisis, as well as identifying economic opportunities for the future. “The NAACP is proud that Bank of America is aligned with our Responsible Mortgage Lending Principles," said NAACP President and Chief Executive Officer Benjamin Todd Jealous. "Now, more than ever, it is important that economic opportunity is available to everyone, in every community. The foundation of this opportunity is rooted in the ability to educate our communities and provide the tools to overcome generations of financial challenges.”   In addition to providing financial support, Bank of America has agreed to endorse the NAACP’s Responsible Mortgage Lending Principles, including both parties working together to advance fair lending practices.   “Bank of America is a strong advocate of responsible lending and is committed to providing more transparency and clarity to help customers make informed decisions,” said Glenda Gabriel, Neighborhood Lending executive for Bank of America. “Our mission is to provide leadership in homebuyer education and one way we can do that is through our strong partnership with the NAACP.” NAACP Responsible Mortgage Lending Principles Summary   ►Principle 1: Loan terms will not be determined by a borrower’s race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, language preference, disability, religion/creed, or age, except as otherwise permitted or required by law. Additionally, loan terms will not be determined by factors designed to serve as proxies (e.g., zip codes) for the above categories. ►Principle 2: Every borrower will have the option of selecting a loan product that is appropriate for his or her circumstances. Lending institutions and brokers should provide a transparent counseling process to provide maximum protection to the borrower. ►Principle 3: Institutions will seek to eliminate policies or practices that encourage biased and exploitive behaviors toward borrowers. ►Principle 4: Borrowers will be approved only for loans they have a current ability to repay. ►Principle 5: Each policy may be maintained and monitored for its racial impact.   ►Principle 6: All borrowers will have access to free information, online and in print that will help them understand and improve the quality of their loans. ►Principle 7: Lenders will work with borrowers to prevent foreclosures. ►Principle 8: Lending institutions will support and implement the inclusion of diverse suppliers in their contracting and partnership decisions. ►Principle 9: Workforce diversity is important to fair decision making and expanded opportunity for economic development.
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