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The 25 Most Connected Mortgage Professionals
Sep 17, 2012

Fred Arnold Facebook: Twitter: @FredArnold25 Fred Arnold is an industry leader of mortgage lending, and since 1994, has been the president of American Family Funding. Fred is very active in his community, the Chamber of Commerce as well as NAMB—The Association of Mortgage Professionals and the California Association of Mortgage Professionals (CAMP). Todd Ballenger Twitter: @toddballenger Facebook: A relied upon source with 24 years of mortgage industry experience, Todd Ballenger e-mails his company's database of around 21,000 followers weekly, writes for 3,000-plus readers of his blog, has more than 2,000 Facebook Friends, and 2,000 LinkedIn relationships, and started a new free monthly newsletter, Jason Berman Twitter: @jbinfrisco, @jbermangroup, @mtgtechsummit Facebook: Jason Berman is a mortgage originator based in Summit County, Colo. He is also the creator and host of Mortgage Tech Summit, a technology event created for mortgage professionals.   Joe Bowerbank LinkedIn: Joe Bowerbank has worked in the mortgage industry to drive and implement numerous technology initiatives that have helped mortgage bankers become more efficient and better serve their customers. He attributes his success to a passion for launching new solutions, an entrepreneurial mindset, strong mentors, and access to and the support of his extensive network of mortgage professionals. Brian Cavanaugh Twitter: @Briancav Facebook: LinkedIn: Brian Cavanaugh is one of the most highly respected mortgage bankers in the state of Massachusetts. He has been assisting homebuyers with purchase mortgage financing and current homeowners with mortgage refinancings for 10 years. Brian has helped thousands of families with financially responsible mortgage financing solutions. Rob Chrisman Blog: Rob Chrisman himself would probably disagree with this nomination to the list of “25 Most Connected Mortgage Professionals.” He shares his unique, in-depth daily analysis, mixed with humor, that is guaranteed to give a chuckle a day on his blog,   Adam R. Cohn Facebook: Adam R. Cohn is a licensed mortgage originator from the state of Florida. He is the trusted and preferred lender for more than 100 real estate agents and several real estate offices. His business was built by honesty, integrity and being one of the most accessible mortgage originators in Florida. Adam is always ready to help his referral partners and clients. Mike Cox Twitter: @ratesinmotion Facebook: Mike Cox’s daily video blog,, is one of the most trusted mortgage resources available. RatesInMotion has helped educate consumers on important mortgage topics, allowing them to save thousands of dollars. He has more than 450 videos on YouTube, 2,600 fans on Twitter and 500-plus connections on LinkedIn. Tommy A. Duncan Twitter: @tommyaduncan Facebook: LinkedIn: Tommy A. Duncan is president of Quality Mortgage Service (QMS) and has grown QMS exponentially during the downturn of the mortgage industry by the use of social media, technology, video Web presentation, and high performance analytical quality control reports that provide trends of the mortgage loan quality. Tommy is a Certified Mortgage Technologist and has been in the mortgage quality field for 20 years. Frank Garay and Brian Stevens Twitter: @Tbwsd YouTube: Frank Garay and Brian Stevens of Think Big Work Small are easily the most watched mortgage professionals with their daily industry videos and humorous commentary that is shared by a countless number of fans. Dan Green Twitter: @mortgagereports Blog: If you talk about mortgage blogging and don't mention Dan Green, you have not had a complete conversation about mortgage blogging. One of the first mortgage bloggers (if not the first), Dan has volumes of incredible industry knowledge and is a great social engager. Barry Habib Twitter: @barryhabib Facebook: Barry Habib is vice president and chief market strategist of Residential Finance Corporation (RFC). Barry was chairman of the board of Mortgage Success Source and founded both Mortgage Market Guide and CMPS. Barry appears regularly on Fox Business Network and CNBC Networks, including his Monthly Mortgage Report show, which ran for 13 years on Squawk Box. Barry is also the producer of the Tony-award nominated musical Rock of Ages on Broadway, and in theaters starring Tom Cruise. Anny Havland Twitter: @annyhavland Facebook: LinkedIn: Anny Havland is nationally recognized for her social media skills. A year ago, she started Talk It Up TV, an all-positive and entertaining Web program to give back in more ways to her community. She continues to share her knowledge with video production with her peers. Last year, she participated as a guest speaker in New York for Mortgage Revolution where she shared best practices in video production, as well as in Seattle at REBAR Camp. She has a large following on Facebook, Twitter and through her Web sites. Julian Hebron Twitter: @TheBasisPoint Julian Hebron debuted in 2012 as a CNNMoney contributor. His blog was added to Stocktwits, which syndicates to the Web's four largest financial media properties, and many top housing journalists follow him on Twitter.   Dustin Hughes Twitter: @FollowDustin360 Facebook: YouTube: When you think of mortgage professionals on YouTube, you often think of someone with a Webcam in their office … not Dustin Hughes! Dustin creates well-produced and entertaining videos, and one of his several YouTube accounts has more than 476,000 views. Dan Keller Twitter: @dankellermtg YouTube: Dan Keller's success in the mortgage industry can be traced to his determination to reach the consumer-direct market through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, in conjunction with his mortgage blog. Dan leverages these platforms to consistently pack first-time homebuyer seminars in the greater Seattle area. Gary Lacey Twitter: @netbranch Facebook: LinkedIn: Gary Lacey is a mortgage industry recruiter who connects mortgage branches and mortgage bankers through a mix of relationships, SEO, his company blog and social networks. David Lykken Twitter: @DavidLykken Facebook: LinkedIn: A legendary mortgage consultant, radio show host, and National Mortgage Professional Magazine featured columnist, David Lykken started a LinkedIn Group about LO compensation, and within weeks, the group quickly grew to nearly 5,000 active members. His radio program has had more than 89,000 downloads of the broadcasts. The program routinely has between 4,000-6,000 listeners each month and is growing. Mark Madsen Twitter: @mark_madsen If this was a list of the "One Most Connected Mortgage Professional," Mark Madsen would be that person. Those who are involved in social media are constantly mentioning Mark, as he is the master at making the search engines fall in love with your social media content.   Justin McHood Twitter: @jmchood Facebook: Justin McHood of Phoenix, Ariz.-based Academy Mortgage Corporation, has been in the mortgage business since 2003 and has made the transition from offline to online when it comes to talking about mortgages. You can find him on various mortgage and real estate industry blogs discussing mortgage industry topics, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. Rhonda Porter Twitter: @mortgageporter Facebook: An organizer for the Seattle REBarCamps, Rhonda Porter has been using social media to connect with her clients for the past 6 years. She shares live rate quotes, mortgage tips and is known to mix in personal tidbits with her 5000 followers on Twitter. Her blog is the hub of her social media efforts and is how a majority of her clients find her. Chik Quintans Twitter: @chikquintans LinkedIn: Chik Quintans shares timely industry news, insight and opinions about the mortgage, real estate industry and Boston sports. He's become an information resource for both local and national media. In addition to being a licensed mortgage advisor, Chik also functions as the SEO and social media manager for Atlas Mortgage, welcoming new connections and great social conversations anytime. Steve Ribultan Facebook: LinkedIn: For over a decade, Steve Ribultan has assisted hundreds of the top lending institutions with finding the most cutting-edge mortgage technology to help improve workflows, loan processing, compliance, delivery and accuracy. Steve's dedication to his family, friends, colleagues, clients and partners is what he attributes his success to. John Stevens Facebook: LinkedIn: With more than 1,900 Connections on LinkedIn and 2,809 Friends on Facebook, John Stevens is constantly seeking new ways to connect with his goal of "educating the public about mortgages and taking it to a whole new level." Carl White Facebook: Call them animals, call them unorthodox … whatever you do, don't call them late for your mastermind group. Carl White and his firm, Mortgage Marketing Animals, show powerful tips on their Facebook Fan Page with 16,000-plus fans (many of which are in the 20-plus loans per month club).  
Sep 17, 2012
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