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USA Cares Mortgage Heroes: The Certified Military Housing Specialist Course

Beverly Frase
Mar 29, 2012

Like the perfect wave that begins building long before anyone near shore can see it, the Certified Military Housing Specialist (CMHS) Course has been gaining momentum with the timing of a perfect storm. The free CMHS course (funded by a grant from Fannie Mae) was created and launched to a public who is eager to help our military in any way they can during this time of economic turmoil in communities everywhere. Word of mouth and media attention have helped hundreds become certified and work with this underserved niche market. Rising to the top of this effort is a group of individuals who believe so strongly in helping our military heroes that they’ve undertaken volunteer responsibilities as regional and state coordinators. We deeply appreciate and salute these industry leaders: Kay Cleland National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) & USA Cares Rocky Mountain Coordinator “I am very excited about the possibilities for this program, and I am honored to be a part of it. Anything I can do to help, I am ready.”   Carol Gardner Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals President & USA Cares Midwest Coordinator “I chose to donate my time to the efforts of USA Cares for two reasons: First, my husband is a Vietnam veteran and second, I saw the need to help and assist our heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan. I know how difficult it is for our military to return to everyday living, and USA Cares most definitely helps fill the gap towards their assistance. I thank these men and women for helping us keep our freedom since freedom does not come without a price. USA Cares help fills that gap.” Mary Ann Pino New York Association of Mortgage Brokers (NYAMB) President & USA Cares Northeast Coordinator “As soon as I heard about the USA Cares initiative to educate financial industry professionals, I knew it would be tremendously important to spread the word so our entire industry could be trained to help military borrowers everywhere. I am extremely grateful for the sacrifice our service members and their families make to protect and maintain our freedom, and I am honored to be a part of the USA Cares initiative.” Vicki White-Sklark Production Manager Government Lending & USA Cares Southeast Coordinator “I have been very grateful throughout my lifetime for the freedoms and opportunities afforded to me in our great country. This has motivated the vision behind my drive to serve our veterans, old and young alike, as we work to find solutions to satisfy their needs. I look forward to working with each of you 2012 in identifying opportunities to grow this effort.” Richard Booth Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) and Faculty Member, Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) & USA Cares New Jersey State Coordinator “As an independent mortgage lender, I have a deep admiration and respect for those who are protecting my family. Unfortunately, I am well past the expiration date of being able to put on a uniform and raise my right hand, so, I have decided to join the fight to assist and protect our service members. I enlisted with USA Cares. I offer my residential mortgage lending experience to any service member who needs help in navigating the maze of lending rules, and I call on all of my colleagues in the residential lending community to help educate our service members about their mortgage rights.” Before they’re finished, these volunteer coordinators will help be responsible for thousands of trained housing professionals from sea to shining sea, ensuring that skilled services are available to all military personnel, whatever their location. Everyone who commits their time to make a difference in their respective community is a hero in the challenge to help those who serve our country. To do your part, please contact CMHS Program Manager Beverly Frase by phone at (270) 319-3688 or e-mail [email protected] Be a Mortgage Hero! This recognition is free to Certified Military Housing Specialists. Take the FREE Certified Military Housing Specialist course offered online by USA Cares and tell us how you are “Helping those who defend our homes, preserve their own.” Please contact Program Manager Beverly Frase at [email protected] to join our national team and be our next Mortgage Hero. We want to recognize you!
Mar 29, 2012
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