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New Wingspan Partnership Aims to Speed Up Short Sale Process

Apr 24, 2012

Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, and WREN (the Wingspan Real Estate Network for agents and brokers) have announced the launch of American Home Remedy, a partnership with Realty Legal Service (RLS) and the Home Counsel Group (HCG), both of Jacksonville, Fla. American Home Remedy was created to accelerate the short sale process and remove impediments that too often cause transactions to fall through. Leveraging the success of a technology platform created by its president, Rich Rollins, RLS was architected to bring a highly advanced short sale management platform to American Home Remedy while the HCG, a national network of lawyers, brings a legal network dedicated to providing short sale solutions for their clients. Wingspan and WREN bring mortgage servicing technology and process management expertise to all parties in the short sale transaction.   American Home Remedy is designed to effectively complete short sales by offering: ►A one-stop resource for initiating short sales, offer management and negotiations, legal, reality and operational expertise, closing and title services, as well as lending and insurance resources; ►Transparent process monitoring and coordination of all parties for the fastest possible cycle times, delivered on the proven RLS Web-based short sale platform. A segment that has suffered in the past from the lack of standardized processes and communications, short sales remain a leading foreclosure avoidance strategy across the country— one that American Home Remedy intends to improve dramatically. “American Home Remedy leverages the tremendous strengths of its partners to create a powerful tool for fast, compliant and accurate short sale management,” said Chris Plummer, WREN’s managing director. “Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, a leading mortgage servicer, and WREN, with its real estate expertise, are the ideal complement for the RLS technology platform and HCG, with their existing and growing network of law firms.”   “The industry is in desperate need of the components that American Home Remedy brings to market,” said Rollins. “Collectively, the three primary partners deliver to a starving industry a transparent web-based technology, a legal network dedicated to addressing the legal issues surrounding a short sale, a national real estate based marketing team and the back office expertise of skilled negotiators and document fulfillment specialists. We are very proud to be the technology platform that this suite of services relies on.”  
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