Equi-Trax Offering New Commercial Valuation Product

May 2, 2012

Equi-Trax Asset Solutions LP, a provider of collateral valuation tools, dynamic portfolio analytics, borrower outreach programs, has reported that the company has begun offering a number of solutions for lenders who need low-cost valuations on commercial real estate.
“The broker opinion of value (BOV) is an important element of commercial property collateral valuation, but one that is difficult to quantify since it is seemingly arbitrary,” said Guy Taylor, chief executive officer of Equi-Trax. “We’re offering three different BOV reporting products—a short, medium, and long form—that will increase the level of quality and professionalism in commercial BOVs.”
Equi-Trax is currently offering three types of commercial BOVs, including a basic drive-by, an extensive drive-by, and an exterior property inspection. Each BOV product is run through two independent quality control (QC) audits before delivery to the client. The detailed review process is based on Equi-Trax’s extensive experience in the commercial real estate business.

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