Carrington to Consolidate Several Businesses Under One Brand

May 8, 2013

Carrington Holding Company LLC has announced that it is renaming several of its businesses in an initiative designed to bring the entire Carrington family of companies under one brand umbrella, more effectively leverage the Carrington name and capitalize on the full continuum of services offered by the organization’s various business units. All management, personnel, ongoing business operations and principal executive offices will remain the same.
As part of the rebranding activities, the company’s national residential real estate brokerage, Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate, LLC will operate as Carrington Real Estate Services, LLC, while Atlantic & Pacific Foreclosure Services, LLC and Atlantic & Pacific Document Services, LLC will operate as Carrington Foreclosure Services, LLC and Carrington Document Services, LLC respectively. Specialized debt resolution services provider Compass Resolution Services, LLC will operate as Carrington Resolution Services, LLC and White Van Real Estate Services, L.P., which offers a full range of inspection, property preservation, maintenance and repair services to lenders, servicers and asset managers, as well as institutional clients, private real estate investors and real estate agents, will operate as Carrington Home Solutions, L.P.
Carrington is also renaming its business units currently housed under the Telsi brand. Telsi Real Estate Solutions, LLC, and Telsi Escrow, Inc. will become Carrington Title Services, LLC, and Carrington Escrow, Inc.
“After years of serving a diverse customer base, we’ve grown to understand the power of our integrated business model and have come to realize that the best way to strengthen the Carrington brand was inevitably to simplify things,” said Carrington Holding Company Founder and Chief Executive Officer Bruce Rose. “Now all of our businesses can leverage the Carrington name and more clearly communicate what we believe is a unique model in our industry. Carrington is the only company that covers virtually every aspect of single family real estate transactions – investments in U.S. real estate and mortgage markets, loan origination and servicing, asset management and property preservation, real estate sales and rental, title and escrow services. As our industry evolves and we work toward meeting the changing needs of the markets we serve, it just seems like good business to unify all of our operations under one of the fastest-growing and most-respected brands in the industry. This change is about reminding people how and why Carrington is different and therefore able to offer more.”
The rebranded business units join several business units already operating under the Carrington brand, including Carrington Property Services, LLC (property asset management); Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC (loan origination and servicing); Carrington Capital Management, LLC (investment management); and Carrington Investment Services, LLC (registered broker-dealer).