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"Instant Support" Cornerstone to LendingQB's Success

May 31, 2013

LendingQB announced that a recent poll of its client base provided statistics that demonstrate the company’s track record of providing exemplary customer service and technical support. The survey was conducted to better understand what clients like most about LendingQB’s support levels. LendingQB’s “Instant Support” chat feature that is built into its LOS was identified as being instrumental in its ability to provide high levels of support and quick responses to questions. The LOS’ Instant Support capability creates a unique communication medium that allows lenders to conveniently and quickly pose questions and have problems swiftly addressed. In addition to direct communication with clients, LendingQB’s support staff is able to view and take control of users’ desktops to identify, troubleshoot and fix issues while the user effortlessly watches.  Almost half (46 percent) of all support requests are received via Instant Support. Participants in the survey encompassed a wide range of job functions within lending organizations that included executives, loan officers and brokers, underwriters, processors, closers, shippers, set up staff and secondary marketing managers. A number of different categorical questions were asked of lenders. Notable is that LendingQB routinely monitors clients’ usage of its system to proactively reach out to them and call their attention to functionally that isn’t being used, as well as new functionality. 58 percent of respondents indicated that they had questions about how to take advantage of various features in the LOS, which they wanted to become familiar with in order to make their jobs easier. 94 percent of clients said their questions were answered clearly and expeditiously; 52 percent of support requests are responded to within 5 minutes; only 21 percent said they waited longer than an hour for a response; and 91 percent of LendingQB's clients categorized support as being good or excellent.        “In talking with all types of lenders in the marketplace, one of the biggest complaints they have with their LOS providers is a lack of responsive support, an inability to clearly answer questions, and requests for new features and enhancements that frequently fall upon deaf ears,” said Linn Cook, marketing director at LendingQB. “Vendor support is absolutely critical for lenders to be able to take full advantage of their LOS platform, and not just within the first 60 or 90 days. We’re proud to have a reputation as a provider that maintains a high and consistent level of support to our clients on a daily basis.”
May 31, 2013