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LenderLive Rebrands Documents Division as GuardianDocs
Aug 20, 2013

LenderLive Network Inc. has rebranded its Document Services division as GuardianDocs. This renaming taps into the strong name recognition of Guardian Mortgage Documents, which LenderLive acquired in 2008. The division boasts more than 15,000 users accessing its document management and preparation platform with thousands of document preparation transactions processed each hour in batch and individual job requests. The document preparation platform is scaled to manage thousands of jobs each minute, and document requests for loan servicers or originators can be printed and mailed through the GuardianDocs print centers. The company also uses specialized electronic delivery mechanisms to reduce print costs, but in many cases, they are used in tandem with a physically delivered document. The GuardianDocs document management platform is scaled to handle millions of images received daily, and when GuardianDocs is used to create the outbound document, recognition upon its return is completed seamlessly with a confidence level significantly higher than any alternative methods. The company also performs regular disaster recovery tests in its systems and operational components. System stress tests further validate capacity demands can be met in excess of 100 percent of expected and forecasted usage. When required, the component-based architecture is easily expanded to meet client’s growth. In addition, GuardianDocs leverages its industry-leading multiple class-one data center configuration to ensure: ►Document preparation systems share information across data centers so that any service interruption is automatically processed by an alternate center; and ►Document management systems use industry-leading Storage Area Networks (SAN) in each data center with immediate replication from SAN to SAN across and within each data center. “This team and its systems, including the 20 plus years of industry service under the Guardian Mortgage Documents brand, have continued to expand and improve,” said Jonathan Kunkle, president of GuardianDocs. “Our technology and the manner in which we use it to address our client’s business needs is even more advanced than it was when LenderLive purchased the company in 2008. Our roots are still the same. We still believe we can provide better and more reliable solutions to the lending community. And with a regulatory climate that continues to examine our industry, GuardianDocs is a proven choice in limiting audit and regulatory scrutiny. We have seen that the controls we put in place are essential in sound business practices, like proper change management including form changes following a software development life cycle, preproduction environments for every service, and change advisory boards following the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) model, become the standards for our clients as well.” 
Aug 20, 2013
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