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NMP’s Inside Look: Titan List & Mailing Inc.
Oct 01, 2013
A pair of new reports are offering distinctive views of the housing market’s horizon

The One-Stop-Shop for Customizable Mortgage Marketing and Data Solutions An Interview with Justin Restaino, Vice President of Titan List & Mailing Inc. Justin Restaino is vice president of Titan List & Mailing Inc. based in Deerfield Beach, Fla. Titan specializes in helping mortgage companies reach their target market through the utilization of database and content to drive business growth and grow market share. Titan is also setting a new standard for securing client’s data as it pursues its SSAE 16 Type 1 SOC Type 2 certification. This certification will fully outline the details and document its security practices regarding protection of customer information while ensuring industry regulatory compliance. National Mortgage Professional Magazine recently sat down with Justin to get an update on Titan. Can you give our readers some background on how Titan List & Mailing was founded? Titan List & Mailing was founded in 1998, primarily as a list broker, servicing many of the nation’s largest mortgage, security, water conditioning, home improvement and home service companies. At that time, we were the main supplier of telemarketing and direct mail data, while also offering consultation to our clients relative to targeting the ideal customer. In 2000, we saw the opportunities that the mortgage market presented and began to focus more on it since we were one of the few firms that developed extensive targeted databases specifically for mortgage lenders and brokers. What is the breadth of Titian’s product offerings? Titan is a “one-stop-shop” for customizable direct mail and data solutions. We offer complete full-color, variable-print which allows us to personalize every mail piece with variable data so it communicates directly to the consumer with relevant information. Everything from tri-fold letters, snap packs and postcard pieces are printed in-house. In addition, we are a national list broker, with extensive access to county, pre-screened and consumer reported demographic data. What is Titan’s current client focus? While we do offer and continue to serve our home service industries, our primary focus is on our mortgage clients, from emerging to well-established mortgage companies. We have significant experience working with our mortgage companies through the various lending cycles from the refi boom of the early 2000s, to the subsequent market crash and market rebound are currently experiencing. What type of growth is Titan Lists & Mailing experiencing? The year 2012 was a record year for Titan. We recently moved into a new, larger facility and have expanded our equipment. We have also further diversified our product offering and are adding new sales team members. Titan is projecting significant growth in 2013 as mail volume on any given week has increased 70 percent, compared to the same week in 2012. In 2013, we are continuing to expand our equipment line so that we can further leverage our growth, while adding print and mail staff to keep up with the increased workload and maintain our best-in-class service levels. Due to these improvements, we are able to offer same-day turnaround on almost all of our programs. Very impressive growth. Is there anything in particular you can attribute to your increased growth? Many factors are driving Titan’s growth. First, we continue to offer consistent direct mail results to customers, so they can continue to expand their business. In addition our brand reputation and commitment to integrity has driven a 30 percent increase in referral-based business since 2011. We strive to go above and beyond to serve our customers outside of what a normal company in our position would do, which, in turn, resonates within our networks. We have also increased our SEO and advertising efforts, lowered prices due to our increased buying power and offer databases that many of our competitors cannot obtain. Can you give some additional detail on the SSAE 16 Type 1 SOC Type 2 certification? We are in the process of obtaining our SSAE 16 Type 1 SOC Type 2 certification. This certification will outline the details and will document our security practices relating to our customers’ information. Most importantly, it will demonstrate how we protect prescreened data. Titan is one of the few companies within our niche that will have this certification. Since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has passed a ruling that requires lenders to properly vet their vendors, this certification gives our customers the assurance that we abide by compliant and secure practices. Clients cannot only be confident that Titan protects their information, but also that we can be held accountable. Companies without this certification cannot offer the same assurance. How does a mortgage lender implement your service? It’s very simple to implement our services. Since we handle all aspects of direct marketing in-house, it starts with a phone call. Our experienced sales staff has a short conversation to learn the previous and current efforts of marketing, take into account the specialty of the given lender, and offer suggestions on the proper campaigns to target. After the on-boarding process to receive prescreened data is complete, we build a database set by the lender’s underwriting guidelines, apply the creative mail piece and move it into production. We are always on the cutting-edge when it comes to marketing approaches and work with our clients to modify their approaches as the market evolves.
Oct 01, 2013
CFPB Names 4 To Key Senior Positions

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CFPB Hits AAG With Complaint For Deceptive Marketing Of Reverse Mortgages

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Oct 06, 2021