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Hawaii amends non-judicial foreclosure laws

National Mortgage Professional
Mar 24, 2014

Hawaii amends non-judicial foreclosure lawsMortgagePress.comHawaii, foreclosure laws, Linda Lingle, SB 2454

On June 3, Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle signed SB 2454, which amends Hawaii non-judicial foreclosure laws.

Under the new law, any mortgagee that forecloses under a power of sale must now be represented by an attorney who is licensed to practice law in Hawaii and is physically located in Hawaii. In addition, the new law requires the foreclosing mortgagee or attorney to provide information regarding the foreclosure, such as the amount required to cure the default, to entitled parties upon request. The new law became effective on June 3.

For a copy of SB 2454, click here.

Mar 24, 2014