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Capsilon DocVelocity Now Supports e-Signing of Borrower Disclosures
Mar 30, 2015

Capsilon, a provider of comprehensive cloud-based document and data management solutions for mortgage lenders and investors, has announced a new version of its flagship product, Capsilon DocVelocity, that includes support for the electronic delivery, signing and vaulting of borrower disclosures and other mortgage-related documents.

This new version of DocVelocity gives users the ability to automatically assemble disclosure packages and email them to borrowers to sign electronically. Borrowers access the new DocVelocity Signing Table, an intuitive user interface for electronic signing of mortgage-related documents, to provide consent to receive electronic disclosures and to review and e-sign the documents. Compliant with the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act), the new DocVelocity electronic transaction capabilities further Capsilon’s vision of straight-through processing (STP) of mortgage loans by reducing the labor associated with printing, assembling, packaging and shipping documents that need to be signed by borrowers. 

The DocVelocity E-Vault, a secure location where legally binding, authoritative copies of electronically signed documents and their related transaction documents are stored and managed, is also new in this latest release of DocVelocity. Fully integrated with DocVelocity, the DocVelocity E-Vault protects assets using robust encryption, time-stamps documents and wraps them with a tamper-evident sea, maintains an audit trail for every stored asset and controls access to these documents with customer-defined user privileges.

These new E-Signing and E-Vaulting capabilities also help lenders demonstrate compliance by providing tracking and evidence of electronic delivery, proof that disclosures were delivered within the required timeframes and support for the authenticity and non-repudiation of electronic signatures.

In addition to the new electronic transaction capabilities, this new version of DocVelocity includes significant enhancements to the document management and document workflow capabilities of DocVelocity. These document management enhancements include a myriad of new capabilities to speed the workflow required for Capsilon’s vision of straight-through processing of mortgage loans. These enhancements include:

►The ability to assign tags to documents to enable richer contextual information about documents. Document tags provide structured data that can be leveraged for automation.

A new document review workflow that gives users the ability to review and mark documents as “Accepted.” Once accepted, the document is locked and further changes to the name or contents are prevented. This ensures the integrity of documents throughout the workflow.

The ability to mark a document as a “Decision Document.” This identifies which documents were used for making underwriting decisions, speeds workflow and ensures loan integrity.

Document-level security that enables role-based access control to documents. The ability to view, sort and deliver specified document types, along with a number of other actions, is granted only to users assigned to specific roles.

 “The pressure on mortgage lenders to reduce loan production costs while maintaining loan quality and compliance has never been greater,” said Sanjeev Malaney, chief executive officer of Capsilon Corporation. “Our goal is to deliver the technology that lenders need to realize an exception-based model of straight-through processing of mortgage loans, where up to 80 percent of labor is eliminated. This new version of DocVelocity delivers on that promise with support for electronic transactions and improved document management and document workflow capabilities that speed loan turn times and reduce labor-related loan costs, while ensuring compliance.”

Mar 30, 2015
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