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The Most Significant High-Tech Boost for the Mortgage Industry in Decades

Richard Barenblatt
Sep 25, 2015

After working in the mortgage industry for more than a decade and a half, I experienced one of the most rare of all professional phenomena … the “A-Ha Moment.”

It hit me that an unacceptable number of people with impeccable credit are regularly turned down for loans because of factors outside their control. In response to this revelation, I created “Who Lends Here,” a free resource for buyers, sellers and real estate agents that directly connects Manhattan- and Brooklyn-based loan officers throughout the entire length of the homebuying process.

By showcasing lenders who have experience closing deals in specific condos and co-ops, potential buyers gain streamlined access to competitive financing options, despite the underlying ownership structures that might normally impede the process. Who Lends Here empowers the consumer with a list of loan officers who have recently worked in the building they’re interested in.

Here’s how it works: Web site visitors start by typing an address into the designated box on the Who Lends Here homepage, The site then displays a list of mortgage specialists who have done business in the building. Clicking on a specific lender takes the visitor to a short bio of the broker, along with their contact information.

The site funnels online inquiries from borrowers ready to make a purchase directly to the appropriate mortgage broker, which makes Who Lends Here an effective lead-generation tool. The interface organizes deals by date, with more recent activity listed first so buyers can easily identify lenders with the most up-to-date knowledge of a particular property’s ins and outs.

The site is notably simple and transparent. The team behind the site has a strict policy that no visitors should be subject to a bombardment of banners or pop-up ads. Who Lends Here walks potential borrowers through the steps of how to verify brokers through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry, prompts consumers to compare several loan officers and review up-to-date building documents, and offers on-site education.

Who Lends Here has even proven popular with real estate attorneys. Peter Goodman, principal attorney at The Goodman Law Firm, recently stated that, “I just had a great experience with a new Web site. I had a client that could not obtain financing for a co-op. I was able to use to find a mortgage broker and get the deal closed.”

Who Lends Here has recently garnered attention from a number of nationwide lending institutions. In the works is a rollout of a suite of enhanced services and an upcoming expansion into Queens and the Bronx.

The motivation behind the creation of the site was to bring an element of human emotion to what can be an impersonal experience for some consumers. By helping to establish trust and loyalty between the borrower and the loan officer, Who Lends Here can help create meaningful and valuable connections.


Richard Barenblatt is CEO and founder of Who Lends Here. He may be reached by phone at (917) 399-5146, e-mail [email protected] or visit


Sep 25, 2015
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