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Lenders Compliance Group Adds Daniel Duggan as Director of Secondary Marketing Compliance

National Mortgage Professional
Oct 13, 2015
Business Handshake

Lenders Compliance Group Inc. (LCG) has announced that Daniel Duggan, an expert in secondary marketing and capital markets, has joined the firm as director of Secondary Marketing Compliance. In that capacity, Duggan will work with the firm’s clients to support existing tools, processes, risk assessments, and resources, in order to provide a "best practices" approach as it relates to secondary marketing and capital markets.

“Daniel Duggan has distinguished himself as an accomplished professional,” said Jonathan Foxx, president and managing director of LCG. "As senior vice president of risk management at HSBC Mortgage Corporation, Dan’s responsibilities included the management and oversight of HSBC’s secondary marketing, quality control, finance and servicing rights. In fact, he served on HSBC’s Asset and Liability Committee, as well as on Freddie Mac's National Advisory Council.”

Duggan has been in executive management at top mortgage banking corporations. He has more than 25 years of in-depth management experience in regional and national mortgage lending institutions. His expertise is extensive, including the oversight and analysis of credit standards to ensure compliance with Agency and investor guidelines, product development, roll out and marketing of residential loan programs, including FHA, VA and conventional loans, while ensuring adherence to Agency underwriting guidelines. He is an expert in risk management that focuses on the quality and performance of loan portfolios, management of quality control functions based on standards that comply with Agency and investor guidelines, and all aspects of secondary marketing and capital markets management.

“It is clear that Lenders Compliance Group provides a wealth of information and unprecedented access to mortgage risk management support within the mortgage banking and mortgage brokerage industries,” said Duggan. “In my view, expanding the services offered to include secondary marketing ensures that our clients are well-versed and represented, with respect to all regulatory compliance issues affecting their businesses. I am excited to offer effective and comprehensive compliance solutions in the areas of secondary marketing and capital markets.”

Oct 13, 2015
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