Residential Home Funding Endorsed by NJ Fraternal Order of Police

Residential Home Funding Endorsed by NJ Fraternal Order of Police

November 23, 2015

Longtime supporter of police and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) across the East Coast, mortgage lender Residential Home Funding (RHF) has recently been honored by an official endorsement from the New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police. RHF has an impressive record of giving back to the community at large through their charity organization, the RHF Foundation. Also directly supporting the men and women of law enforcement, fire fighters, medical professionals, teachers, military actives and veterans, RHF supports local heroes with special loan opportunities through their Mortgages for Champions program.

FOP is the world’s largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers. Founded in 1915 by a group of 23 officers in Pittsburg, the FOP has been setting new standards for law enforcement professionals and their working conditions for more than 100 years. Celebrating their Centennial earlier this year, the FOP remains true to their strong history of furthering the quality of law enforcement while effectively maintaining their organization on a national level. With a current membership of over 328,000 law enforcement professionals, the FOP supports officers across the U.S. while offering representation in Washington. Their officially chartered local lodges also empower members to organize at the town, county, and state levels.

“As an experienced mortgage lender, we use an intimate knowledge of loan policy at a state and national level to offer the best options possible for every customer. The difference for our police and other community focused workers? We offer special contributions via our Mortgages for Champions program to eliminate lender fees, such as application fees, loan processing fees, mortgage underwriting fees, and mortgage commitment fees to create extraordinary mortgage options” said Ryan Wills, marketing associate for RHF. “Through RHF, law enforcement personnel eligible for the Mortgages for Champions program include police officers, sheriff officers, state troopers, case workers, corrections officers, parole officers, and their immediate family members.”

While RHF continues to serve the general public, Ryan stated that working with the NJFOP remains a point of responsibility and pride for their company. Mortgages for Champions offers include police mortgages, fire-fighter retirement loans, and other mortgage opportunities provided by very few lenders. While continuing to donate towards NJFOP events across the state, Residential Home Funding remains grateful for their endorsement from the New Jersey FOP and looks forward to an ongoing relationship.

Founded in 1948, the New Jersey State Lodge of the FOP has more than 16,000 members, one of the largest FOP state lodges in America. Having kept New Jersey safe for over 60 years, they continue to patrol the New Jersey streets and serve local citizens through law enforcement and correctional programs. Protecting our communities while reinforced by the support of local businesses and organizations, the NJFOP is on their way to another successful 60 years in New Jersey.


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