Veros Launches VeroSELECT Valuation Management System API

July 7, 2017
Veros Real Estate Solutions has announced the launch of VeroPRECISION, a property-specific AVM decision logic to provide the industry a way to determine a property’s suitability for an AVM
Veros Real Estate Solutions has announced new enhancements to its VeroSELECT API offering. Expanding the platform's capabilities allows Veros' clients to integrate valuation services with their back-office systems for seamless and scalable valuation management. This single gateway enables VeroSELECT partners to access open, industry-standard REST Application Programming Interface (API)–allowing them to integrate, customize and extend volume ordering of AVMs, Broker Price Opinions (BPOs), Property Condition Reports (PCRs) quickly and easily.
"VeroSELECT, considered one of the most stable and versatile valuation management platforms available in the market, extends this enhanced API capability to our clients–providing the ability to easily integrate and handle high-volume transactions with ease," said David Rasmussen, Senior Vice President of Operations for Veros. "The API enhancement streamlines both the ordering and processing of AVMs with PCR and BPO valuations for power users to not only save time, but also to strengthen the risk decisions through complex, cascading logic and real-time data access."