MCT Introduces Bulk Acquisition Manager Secondary Marketing Tape Transfer Technology

MCT Introduces Bulk Acquisition Manager Secondary Marketing Tape Transfer Technology

July 19, 2017
Mortgage Capital Trading Inc. (MCT) has officially launched Trade Auction Manager (TAM)
Mortgage Capital Trading Inc. (MCT) has released new secondary marketing technology to improve the industry’s existing loan sale practices. Dubbed Bulk Acquisition Manager (BAM), the solution automates the process of packaging and transferring bulk loan bids, which benefits investors, lenders and MCT’s team of mortgage loan traders.
The solution works by encrypting lender bid tapes so that they can be securely, seamlessly and efficiently passed to investors for pricing and back into MCTlive!, the capital markets software platform used by MCT staff and clients, where the tapes then reside in a centralized repository that can be easily organized and reviewed. The result is a much quicker pricing process for bulk bid tapes, greater data security, better communication between counterparties, process consistency for investors within their existing platform, and newfound efficiencies for MCT’s traders.
Since correspondent whole loan investors often have unique bulk bidding processes, MCT has developed three different ways that investors can securely transmit bid tape files. Tapes can be uploaded via the browser-based user interface within MCTlive!, through SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), or by way of a Restful API (Application Programing Interface) that enables MCT to integrate with various loan exchange platforms and homegrown investor systems.
To ensure data integrity, MCT accesses lender data via integrations that were developed with their loan origination systems (LOS), the core system of record for lending entities. Each of the transfer methods are data encrypted to ensure security at all times.
“MCT has been realizing significant year-over-year growth and in talking with our investor community, we represent roughly 30 to 40 percent of the typical aggregator’s client base,” said Phil Rasori, Chief Operating Officer of MCT. “As a result, we saw a need to develop a technology solution that helps our traders work more easily with our lender clients and effortlessly exchange bulk bid tapes with investors.  BAM helps MCT scale as we continue to grow and makes things easier on investors by centralizing the acquisition process for the bulk bid channel.”