S.C. School Offers B.A. in CRE Finance

S.C. School Offers B.A. in CRE Finance

September 1, 2017
Hondros College, a Westerville, Ohio-based provider of professional education for the real estate, mortgage and insurance industries, has acquired the Ohio Institute of Real Estate Studies (OIRES), based in Medina, Ohio
A college in South Carolina is now offering students an undergraduate degree in commercial real estate finance.
According to a report in the Post and Courier, the College of Charleston's School of Business introduced its new Bachelor's Degree in Commercial Real Estate Finance as a result of student interest and market demand. The college noted that 30 percent of the nation’s macro economy comes from the commercial real estate industry, thus making it an ideal subject for a specific undergraduate curriculum.
"For students inclined to pursue real estate law, commercial lending, valuation, development, investment banking, property and asset management, brokerage or similar fields, a commercial real estate major with a financial foundation is critical," said Elaine Worzala, Professor of Real Estate and Director of the Carter Real Estate Center in the School of Business. “Majoring in commercial real estate finance might sound specialized, but our curriculum provides students with a well-rounded experience that not only includes real estate and finance but also investment, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, supply chain management, hospitality, planning, development, historic preservation, law and other courses in relevant, sought-after disciplines.”