More Than 172,000 California Homes Face Wildfire Risk

October 10, 2017
California and Texas leads the nation with the greatest threat to residential property damage due to wildfire damage, according to new data from CoreLogic
A total of 172,117 homes with a combined reconstruction cost value (RCV) of more than $65 billion are at some level of risk from the wildfires sweeping across California’s Napa and Santa Rosa metropolitan areas, according to new data from CoreLogic.
There are five active fires burning in California, three in Napa and two in Santa Rosa. CoreLogic estimated that 9.1 million homes with a combined RCV of $3.1 trillion are at some level of risk from the ongoing blazes. Within Napa and Santa Rosa, there are 11,058 residences, or six percent of the combined areas’ total, with an estimated RCV of more than $5 billion that fall in the High and Extreme risk categories.
However, the majority of homes—161,059, or 94 percent—are at Low or Moderate risk of damage, although CoreLogic warned in a press statement that wildfire “can easily expand to adjacent properties and cause significant damage even if a property is not considered high risk in its own right.”