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PRMI Giving Network Raises Nearly $90K for Schoolchildren
Nov 17, 2017
Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. (PRMI) has named Ronnie Chinchilla as PRMI Giving Network Manager

The PRMI Giving Network partnered with the Kids In Need Foundation to raise funds and provide free school supplies to Title I schools across the U.S. The eight-week campaign brought in more than $89,000 and will provide 74,880 school supplies to students across the country. PRMI team members will hand deliver the brand new items to schools during PRMI’s Nationwide Week of Giving.
With 16 million children coming from families struggling with extreme poverty, getting school supplies can make all the difference. Recent studies show that when kids have school supplies of their own, their grades and classroom behavior improve, their self-esteem strengthens, and their attitudes towards school and learning improve.
“I am thrilled that our organization was able to raise so much for the Kids In Need Foundation. Their generosity–in monetary contributions and volunteer efforts–will provide thousands of children brand new backpacks full of school supplies,” said Dave Zitting, Chief Executive Officer and President of PRMI. “We cannot wait to personally give these students the supplies they need during our Nationwide Week of Giving.”
Last year, the Kids In Need Foundation helped 180,000 teachers and 5.4 million students in some of the most challenged communities across the country.
“When students have the supplies they need to learn, attendance and classroom participation increases,” said Dave Smith, Executive Director of the Kids In Need Foundation. “We are thankful for the PRMI Giving Network for supporting students through their donations. Because of their generosity, students will have the confidence knowing they have the tools to succeed and thrive in the classroom."
Steve Chapman, Chief Financial Officer of PRMI, added, “Education is one of the three pillars that the PRMI Giving Network is built on; feed, serve, and educate. Our goal is to help transform communities and create positive change. And we know providing basic school supplies to those who don’t have them is one step towards helping these children create a brighter future for themselves and our country.”

Nov 17, 2017