Angel Oak Adds Seven New AEs

Angel Oak Adds Seven New AEs

May 1, 2018
Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions has announced the addition of seven new Account Executives
Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions continues its strong start to 2018 with the addition of seven new Account Executives, including Mary Moehring in Sacramento, Calif.; Reginald Ross in Dallas; Peter Ronga in New Jersey; Mike Dattorre in Connecticut; Rudy Pineda in inside sales; and both Laurie Cullen and Mel King in Missouri.
“With each passing month, more brokers looking to expand their product offering to include non-QM,” said Tom Hutchens, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions. “These new AEs will help expand our footprint, and educate brokers and correspondents on the value of working with the leader in the non-QM space.”
“Using sincerity and integrity as barometers for value, the organizational culture at Angel Oak thrives on innovation, provides opportunity and offers sustainability,” said Moehring. “With exponential growth on the horizon in 2018, I look forward to going from good to great at Angel Oak.”
Ross said, “I wanted to create an opportunity for everyone to realize the dream of homeownership and to become an integral part of an already successful organization.”
Cullen said, “I wanted to help mortgage brokers bridge the gap between stringent agency guidelines and borrowers that don’t fit in agency ‘boxes,’ but are a good credit risk and deserve the opportunity to own a home.”
Dattorre had been “watching Angel Oak for two years, just waiting for the opportunity. Reading about all the securitizations in IMF News, articles in National Mortgage Professional Magazine, and miscellaneous news blips, I knew Angel Oak was not just leading the way in non-QM, they were doing it the right way.”