Valuation Partners Launches HomeBase to Streamline Appraisal Appointments

Valuation Partners Launches HomeBase to Streamline Appraisal Appointments

May 16, 2018
Valuation Partners has announced that Jon Forrester has joined the company as Vice President of Valuation Services
Valuation Partners has launched HomeBase, a proprietary tool designed to increase transparency and minimize delays associated with appraisal appointments. Available through a secure link, HomeBase provides all parties involved in a residential transaction with real-time access to details about the appraisal appointment, including details on the appraiser, the appraiser’s name and contact information, the kind of vehicle they drive, as well as information for buyers and sellers about what to expect when the appraiser visits the property. In addition to details about the appraisal appointment, HomeBase provides a single point of contact for all parties involved in the transaction to verify details about the appointment and the appraisal order.
HomeBase is available on all Valuation Partners appraisal orders and is accessible to lenders, real estate agents, the selected appraiser and homebuyers and sellers.
“Appraisal appointments are one of the biggest reasons for loan delays because they require coordination between multiple parties,” said Clint Reinhardt, Valuation Partners’ Senior Vice President and National Account Manager. “HomeBase not only reduces the risk of delays by adding transparency to the process, it gives home sellers the peace of mind that the person who shows up at their home to appraise it is supposed to be there.”
Bill Fall, Chief Executive Officer of Valuation Partners, said, “There is a lot of juggling that goes on when setting appraisal appointments, which means there are a lot of opportunities for miscommunication. HomeBase ensures that all the appointment details are in one place and everyone has access to them, which dramatically reduces delays and ensures a more efficient process. There’s no tool on the market like it.”