Ginnie Mae Enhances Issuer Performance Management Tool

Ginnie Mae Enhances Issuer Performance Management Tool

June 15, 2018
Ginnie Mae published a Request for Input (RFI) on the analytical framework it is creating that will assess issuer financial performance under different economic environments
Ginnie Mae has announced that it will be enhancing its Issuer Operational Performance Profile (IOPP) tool with the addition of a single-family prepayment rate metric. The new metric enables Ginnie Mae MBS Issuers to more easily monitor the prepayment rate of loans in the securities they've issued that carry the Ginnie Mae guaranty. The new feature is the latest move by Ginnie Mae to create tools that help its Issuers understand how the corporation is monitoring prepayments to ensure the integrity and market predictability of Ginnie Mae MBS.
Issuers should continue to monitor their overall IOPP scores, including this new metric, as a tool for helping to assess their relative performance in the Ginnie Mae program. The IOPP scores are not public. Issuers with questions should contact their Account Executive.
"Ginnie Mae is laser-focused on the performance of our securities and knows that only in partnership with our Issuers can we continue to attract the global capital necessary to finance affordable homeownership," said Ginnie Mae Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer Michael Bright.