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Median Rents Up Slightly

Phil Hall
Jul 02, 2018
<div>Oregon is poised to make history as the first in the nation to offer a statewide rent control policy.</div>  <div>&nbsp;</div>  <div><a href="

The median rent price for a one-bedroom unit included up slightly from $1,005 in June to $1,008 in July, according to data from ABODO. The median rent for two-bedroom units was up from $1,220 in June to $1,230 in July.
Baltimore experienced the greatest rent increase on one-bedroom units for July, up 6.4 percent to $1,139. Little Rock, Ark., saw the greatest decrease for this type of housing, down 5.8 percent to $598.
With two-bedroom units, the greatest increase was recorded in Syracuse, N.Y., with a 6.8 percent hike to $1,031. Fort Worth, Texas, and Fargo, N.D., each recorded the greatest decline at 4.4 percent, respectively reaching an average rent of $1,184 and $681.
And, once again, San Francisco was the most expensive major rental market, with one-bedroom units averaging $3,447 and two-bedroom units going for $4,523.
Jul 02, 2018