Dimont Offers White Paper on Servicing FHA Loans

Dimont Offers White Paper on Servicing FHA Loans

September 6, 2018
Dimont & Associates has released a white paper titled “The Power of Integrated Claims & Conveyance Services” which deals with the struggles mortgage servicers face when working with properties purchased with Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans.
According to the Dallas-based company, the white paper discusses the factors which drive up the costs faced by servicers on non-performing FHA loans. It also offers advice on managing loans from the point of property inspection through to the filing of the FHA claim. The white paper is available for free through the Dimont website.
“The white paper shows a way to simplify the property conveyance process, reducing costly errors and speeding up the way the process is completed,” said Denis Brosnan, CEO and president of Dimont.