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Opendoor Acquires Open Listings

Phil Hall
Sep 11, 2018
Opendoor, a San Francisco-headquartered online real estate firm, has expanded into the Salt Lake City marketplace

Opendoor, the San Francisco-headquartered online real estate marketplace, has acquired Open Listings, a Los Angeles-based platform for homebuyers seeking property. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.
In a statement issued by the companies, the acquisition will integrate Open Listings with Opendoor’s mortgage, title and home services, thus creating “the first end-to-end marketplace for buying, selling, and trading-in homes—equipping people with the ability to move in just a few clicks.” Open Listings in Austin, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Seattle and throughout California; Opendoor has already begun integrating Open Listings services, which are now live in Dallas-Fort Worth and will soon be rolled out across Opendoor’s markets.
“Opendoor modernized how people sell their homes by making it simple and instant and we are excited to now bring that same simplicity to buying a home,” said Eric Wu, founder and CEO of Opendoor. “By integrating Open Listings’ online buying experience with Opendoor, we’re putting customers in control of the entire process so they can buy, sell or trade-in their home seamlessly be it for retirement, up-sizing for a growing family or moving for a dream job.”
Sep 11, 2018