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Angel Oak Adds 11 New AEs in November
Nov 27, 2018
Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions has announced the addition of 11 new Account Executives in November to teach brokers and correspondents about growing their business with non-QM

Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions has announced the addition of 11 new Account Executives in November to teach brokers and correspondents about growing their business with non-QM. Angel Oak welcomes the following AEs nationwide:
►Michael Hooven, Philadelphia
►William Reed, Milwaukee
►Dudley Delbridge, Richmond/Virginia Beach area
►Jim McMillan, Northern New Jersey
►Jodi Favish, Pittsburgh
►Anna Prince, Orlando
►Randy Rees, Cleveland
►Suzanne Perez, Los Angeles
►Tony Zodrow, Minneapolis
►Damien Pippens, Inside Sales
►Andres Bernal, Inside Sales
“This year has brought to fruition the results of all of our hard work educating people and pioneering the resurgence of non-QM,” said Tom Hutchens, Executive Vice President of Production for Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions. “The acceptance by Loan Officers, Brokers and correspondents has been extraordinary. Due to the demand our staff continues to grow and we continuously onboard seasoned Account Executives excited to work with Angel Oak and have the opportunity to offer non-QM products. This new team embodies the highest level of service and expertise that has become our trademark.”
With aggressive growth plans for 2019, Angel Oak is continuing to hire AEs in markets across the country and underwriters/support staff in Atlanta and Dallas.
“I have been watching this market grow over the past 12-18 months, and I finally realized that this market was not only growing faster and faster, but this market would eventually change the way all future lending is done and what better place to join that change, than the leader in non-QM, Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions,” said McMillan.
“I have worked with a few other lenders, but never received the feedback like I get from other AEs on the road about our company and what we stand for,” said Prince. “I have been getting calls from a few AEs that worked with me, asking me to get them a job with Angel Oak. Hearing that, I know I made the right decision. I can’t wait to get started.”

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