New Florida Law Rewrites Inclusionary Housing Terms

New Florida Law Rewrites Inclusionary Housing Terms

July 3, 2019
Photo credit: Getty Images/designer491
Florida Gov. Ron Desantis has signed into law a bill that changes how local governments from enact affordable housing mandates on developers.
According to a WJCT report, the bill eliminates the ability of county governments to force developers to include a minimum number of inclusionary housing units in new real estate projects or pay an impact fee. Counties will still be able to require a developer to provide a specified number of affordable housing units, but now they must also provide incentives to offset the developer’s costs.
Rep. Jason Fischer (R-Jacksonville), the author of the bill favors a voluntary incentive-based approach to inclusionary housing rather than government-based parameters.
“Any time the government gets involved and starts setting artificial prices, that will itself lead to higher prices for the vast majority of people,” he said. “So, when they come in and the government by force messes with price controls, that can cause cost increases.”