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MCT Launches InvestorMatic to Enhance the Whole Loan Trading Experience

Oct 24, 2019
Mortgage Capital Trading Inc. (MCT) has announced that Bill Shirreffs has joined the company in the newly created position of senior director of sales operations

Mortgage Capital Trading Inc. (MCT) has introduced a unique program called InvestorMatic, designed to improve the lender experience in selling whole loans to their correspondent investor counterparts.
Company officials at MCT say the secondary market has traditionally been wrought with diverse and inefficient methods by which to communicate, initiate and accept loan bids, and complete whole loan sales between sellers and buyers. The InvestorMatic Program aims to address this problem and is the latest in a series of client-driven innovations that have been helping MCT clients optimize secondary marketing performance.
InvestorMatic is comprised of two core components: A technology certification process that reviews and rates correspondent investors based on the convenience and depth of their whole loan sale process; and a suite of supporting software that assists correspondent investors in elevating the seller experience in key areas. This combination results in a much more efficient, streamlined, and secure whole loan trading process.
“For years, MCT has been helping lenders automate secondary marketing mortgage processes. Their continuous feedback and technology collaboration has played an instrumental role in the success of our core capital markets platform, MCTlive!,” said Phil Rasori, chief operating officer at MCT. “MCT’s InvestorMatic Program is our newest advancement, this time with a laser-focused goal of improving the lender experience in selling whole loans to their correspondent investor counterparts.”
MCT conducted extensive research in the development of InvestorMatic, which identified five key components of the loan selling experience that lenders are looking for from their correspondent investors. Among them are faster pricing and commitment turn times; fully functioning Bid Tape AOT delivery channels; encryption of data in transit and at rest; real-time shadow bids and pricing; and bid tape mark-to-market pricing.
Based on performance in these key areas, MCT will be certifying applicable correspondent investors at bronze, silver, and gold technology certification levels before said levels are published in early December. These certifications will provide a handy reference to lenders on the technology experience they can expect when considering a relationship with a particular investor. These certifications are made free-of-charge and regardless of the systems used, but InvestorMatic software is available to support interested investors. As always, MCT provides lenders with best execution analysis and recommendations designed to achieve their goals, and in which price competitiveness is the leading factor.
“Put simply, the MCT InvestorMatic Program is yet another step we’ve taken to move the mortgage industry forward in the secondary marketing space,” said Curtis Richins, president at MCT. “Part of our long-term corporate vision is to digitize the entire secondary marketing process, and InvestorMatic will help our lender clients and the investor community get another step closer to achieving this goal.”

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