ATTOM Launches Building Permit Data Solution

ATTOM Launches Building Permit Data Solution

March 10, 2020
Photo credit: Getty Images/LittleRedDragon
ATTOM Data Solutions has launched its Building Permit data solution. With more than 200 million residential and commercial building permits nationwide, ATTOM now offers the industry’s most complete and robust building permit data.
ATTOM Data Solutions has launched its Building Permit data solutionATTOM’s building permit data provides users with critical insight into the life of a property, both residential and commercial, allowing for enhanced predictive analytics and decision-making. With monthly-updated historical insight, covering 94 percent of the nation’s top cities, ATTOM’s permit data offers a competitive edge. Whether assessing risk/insurability, appraising, understanding total cost of ownership or identifying potential home sale activity based on permitted projects, ATTOM’s building permit data delivers a complete view that impacts your bottom line.
“Building permit data is an essential component that gives valuable details about a property, and we’re pleased to add another data element to our ATTOM Data Warehouse,” said Rob Barber CEO at ATTOM Data Solutions. “ATTOM’s mission is to power innovation with premium property data and analytics, and in order to do so we must continue to increase real estate transparency with comprehensive data that offers critical insight into the evolving marketplace.”
ATTOM’s Building Permit data includes: 30+ Permit Classifiers, including Solar Installation, Foundations, Roofing, Etc.; Permit Status; Cost of Job; Description of Job; Contractor Information; and more.
“Building permits identify key events in a property's history,” said Sean Mooney, VP of Product Management. “Knowing the types of construction or remodeling projects that have occurred on a property–as well as the cost and completion dates of that work–really empowers anyone who is assessing risk or providing valuation services to make more informed decisions.”