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National Mortgage Professional Magazine Presents … The Best Military Lenders and Originators
Apr 10, 2020
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National Mortgage Professional Magazine presents its second annual list of our nation’s “Best Military Lenders and Originators.” As these men and women so bravely defend our nation, we felt it was time to begin to recognize those who assist these individuals achieve the American Dream of Homeownership.
General H. Norman Schwarzkopf once said, “It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle.” It is these heroes whom those in the mortgage industry cater to. These distinguished mortgage professionals should be recognized for their work in helping those who serve our nation attain the American dream of homeownership.
For our “Best Military Originators,” we made our selection based on the total VA loans closed in 2018; votes from their industry peers; and an essay on why these individuals are committed to helping active servicemembers and veterans. For the “Best Military Lenders,” we chose this distinguished group based upon total VA loans closed in 2018; and support efforts and community outreach endeavors.
Congratulations to the following for making homeownership a reality for those deserving active, retired and reserve servicemembers, those who have sacrificed so much for the protection of our nation and the freedoms of all Americans.

Photo credit: Getty Images/eldadcarin“Word to the Nation: Guard zealously your right to serve in the Armed Forces, for without them, there will be no other rights to guard.”–John F. Kennedy

Best Military Originators

Lynnae AguilarLynnae Aguilar
Senior Loan Officer & Sales Manager, Academy Mortgage Corp.
Layton, Utah

“Serving our country is the most honorable thing that one can do,” says Lynnae Aguilar, senior loan officer and sales manager for Academy Mortgage Corp. in Layton, Utah. “To have the opportunity to serve those who serve for us is a huge honor for me. Getting them into a home and helping them provide for their families, when they have provided so much sacrifice, is truly a privilege for me. I have so much respect for our veterans and am so happy to continue to serve them.”
Kristin BabikKristin Babik
Senior Loan Officer, Network Funding LP
Houston, Texas

“It’s important to me to help make a difference in the lives of men and women who have fought for my freedom,” says Kristin Babik, senior loan officer with Network Funding LP in Houston, Texas. “I will forever be grateful for their sacrifice.”

Matthew BassittMatthew Bassitt
Branch Manager, Northwestern Home Loans
Bend, Ore.

Bend, Ore. doesn't have the largest population of veterans, nor a very large population overall, but as a veteran himself, Matthew Bassitt is committed to serving. Five years ago, he started a non-profit called “The Scotch,” a two-day golf tournament and auction that raises money to send veterans through the Save a Warrior program. Matthew and The Scotch have helped raise more than $240K, and have put more than 80 struggling heroes through the Save a Warrior program, ultimately saving their lives.
Blake BogeseBlake Bogese
Branch Manager & Mortgage Loan Officer, Arcus Lending Inc.
Richmond, Va.

“My passion is to educate my local real estate community by dispelling stereotypes that VA home loans an inferior loan products, while providing active duty and veterans a transparent, stress-free and enjoyable mortgage process,” says Blake Bogese, branch manager and mortgage loan officer with Arcus Lending Inc. in Richmond, Va.

Michael BoltonMichael Bolton
Senior Loan Officer, Mid America Mortgage
Addison, Texas

“Helping those who currently serve or have served in the U.S. military is by far the least I can do to give thanks,” says Michael Bolton, senior loan officer with Mid America Mortgage in Addison, Texas. “It’s my opinion that serving in the military is the most unselfish sacrifice a person can make. The commitment these individuals made makes me give them 100 percent of my time and effort. It’s simply the best way I know how to say ‘thank you’ and show how much respect I have for them.”
Michael BrandtMichael Brandt
Loan Originator, Benchmark Mortgage
Austin, Texas

“It is an honor to serve those who have served our great country,” says Michael Brandt, loan originator with Benchmark Mortgage in Austin, Texas “I have several family members who have served, and my nephew is currently in the Navy! I admire veterans and make it my mission to have the homebuying process be as stress-free as possible!”

Tony ByrneTony Byrne
Loan Officer, Heritage Home Loans, registered d/b/a of Cardinal Financial Company
Spokane, Wash.

“My father, who served in the Navy, passed away two years ago,” says Tony Byrne, loan officer with Heritage Home Loans, registered d/b/a of Cardinal Financial Company in Spokane, Wash. “During his final months, I asked him why he never used his VA loan benefit. He said it was because when he came back from active duty, he was treated so poorly that he was embarrassed to go to the bank for a VA Loan. I refuse to let that feeling happen to someone else.
Andrew CadyAndrew Cady
Epic Mortgage Guy, Fairway Independent Mortgage
Jacksonville, Fla.

“Over the last few years, I have developed a serious focus on our local veterans to fix the stigma that VA loans are inferior or over-complicated,” says Andrew Cady, epic mortgage guy with Fairway Independent Mortgage in Jacksonville, Fla. “The VA loan is something they have EARNED, and I fully intend on making sure they get the right to do so.” #servingthosewhoserve
Yvette Clermont
Branch Manager, Inlanta Mortgage
Lakewood Ranch, Fla. & DePere, Wis.

“As a daughter of a U.S. Marine, I was brought up in a military family where I was taught to stand up and serve however possible,” says Yvette Clermont, branch manager with Inlanta Mortgage. “I continue to serve by helping our veterans with the most important purchase they will ever make, their new home! I remain close to my Marine ties, actively supporting my local Marine Corps League, and attending and supporting the annual Marine Corps Ball, which is one of my favorite events each year!”
Carlo ColantonioCarlo Colantonio
Branch Manager/RMLO, CMG Financial
San Antonio, Texas

“As a former Army veteran and seasoned mortgage professional of 20-plus years, I feel that it is my duty to go above and beyond for my fellow veterans and active duty servicemembers in fulfilling their dream of homeownership,” says Carlo Colantonio, branch manager/RMLO for CMG Financial in San Antonio, Texas. “I feel empowered in educating them to fully leveraging all of the benefits available to them from the VA home loan program!”
Steven Conklin
President, Satori Mortgage
Minneapolis, Minn.

Steven Conklin has helped build a couple very successful d/b/a’s for Satori Mortgage VA Loan Minnesota and VA Loan Floridian. He not only originates deals, but also leads a team of loan officers that helps veterans buy homes every day. With Satori Mortgage as a broker, Steven is always offering the best rates and products in the market.

Doug CookDoug Cook
Branch Manager/Loan Originator, Hancock Mortgage Partners LLC
St. George, Utah

“After completing a 25-year career in the U.S. Army, I have dedicated myself to be a veteran’s advocate and to specialize in VA home loans,” says Doug Cook, branch manager/loan originator with Hancock Mortgage Partners LLC in St. George, Utah. “Servicemembers and veterans want someone they could trust and relate with. I also am involved with many veteran organizations such being an outreach coordinator for the employer support of the Guard and Reserve program, veterans mentor for the Red Cross, and volunteer at our local veteran’s care facility.”
Jody EichenblattJody Eichenblatt
Mortgage Consultant, Prosperity Home Mortgage LLC
Alexandria, Va.

“Every day, thousands of our servicemen and women are away from their families and friends in order to give me the ability to spend time with mine,” says Jody Eichenblatt, mortgage consultant with Prosperity Home Mortgage LLC in Alexandria, Va. “Because of that, I strive every day to provide them and their families with the best customer experience possible when they decide to finance one of the biggest investments of their lives. It is a great honor to support our heroes.”
Mark FieldMark Field
Mortgage Loan Originator, National Veterans Magazine
Phoenix, Ariz.

“As a U.S. Navy submarine veteran, I am honored to serve my fellow veterans and disabled veterans with their VA loan needs,” says Mark Field, mortgage loan originator with National Veterans Magazine. “I come to their home, pick up documents personally and ensure their needs are being met. A disabled veteran with terminal cancer had me assist him to ensure his wife could remain in their home after his passing. I am proud that this veteran trusted me to handle his VA home loan needs.”
Danielle FillerDanielle Filler
Mortgage Loan Originator, Benchmark Mortgage
Austin, Texas

“I work on a team and have started to originate my own. I love what I do because I am a military spouse and mother to a handsome sailor,” says Danielle Filler, mortgage loan originator with Austin, Texas-based Benchmark Mortgage. “I know what the veteran is going through, and I know that they deserve the best!”

Michael FischerMichael Fischer
Loan Originator/Branch Manager, Ross Mortgage
Brighton, Mich.

Michael Fischer of Ross Mortgage in Brighton, Mich. not only focuses on his own production as an originator and branch manager, but he has created a network of loan officers across the country who work together to become better at serving our nation’s finest. This training has had a ripple effect on hundreds of loan officers, training thousands of real estate agents across the nation, breaking down the myths around VA benefits and helping more veterans achieve homeownership.
Ashleigh Fletcher
Senior Loan Originator, CMG Financial
Killeen, Texas

“My father's a former Marine, and he taught me to care for and respect our veterans,” says Ashleigh Fletcher, senior loan originator with CMG Financial in Killeen, Texas. “Our veterans and their families have sacrificed so much, and in some cases, everything, so I can have my freedom. The least I can do is help get them into a home. I love helping our veterans. I wouldn't be where I'm at or have what I have if it weren't for those who serve and protect our great country.”
Kevin Fortier
Kevin Fortier
Senior Loan Officer, Mid America Mortgage
Addison, Texas

“I love helping everyone get into a better home, financial position, or whatever their need is … I am committed to helping everyone,” says Kevin Fortier, senior loan officer of Mid America Mortgage in Addison, Texas. “However, being a veteran myself has an extra brotherhood/sisterhood attached when dealing with active servicemembers or veterans. I have been in their shoes and as the saying goes ‘been there, done that!’”
Kris GarciaKris Garcia
Senior Loan Officer, Mid America Mortgage
Addison, Texas

“I know the program very well and veterans should have the ability to speak to someone who knows the answers to their questions right away,” says Kris Garcia, senior loan officer with Mid America Mortgage in Addison, Texas. “I think it’s great that veterans have their own loan program that allows them to purchase a home with little to no money down. I have friends and family that have been in the military, and I feel veterans deserve to have a program like this.
Kelly GardnerKelly Gardner
Sales Manager, American Pacific Mortgage
San Diego, Calif.

Kelly Gardner, sales manager with San Diego-based American Pacific Mortgage is one of the top LOs in San Diego, and helping veteran and active duty clients is her passion.
Larry GonzalesLarry Gonzales
Senior Loan Officer, Aligned Mortgage
Waipio, Hawaii

“I had the honor of serving in the U.S. Navy for 25 years, leading the world’s best sailors,” says Larry Gonzales, senior loan officer of Aligned Mortgage in Waipio, Hawaii. “One of the biggest rewards throughout my career was being able to help sailors grow and become leaders in their own right. My commitment to servicemembers and families drives me. Only now, I serve all veterans, educating them on their VA benefits and enabling them to own a piece of the land they swore to defend.”
Chris GriffithChris Griffith
Mortgage Originator, Debt Does Deals
McKinney, Texas

Chris Griffith, mortgage originator with Debt Does Deals in McKinney, Texas, has a unequaled passion to ensure that veterans receive the best possible rates and service, and strives to give his utmost to helping our veterans achieve the American dream of homeownership.
Wesley Ryan GrubbsWesley Ryan Grubbs
Residential Mortgage Loan Officer, Mid America Mortgage
Flower Mound, Texas

“My dedication to serving our military comes from the same commitment our active duty and veterans take on a daily basis to serve our great country. I have family currently serving in the military, which only strengthens my passion for helping veterans,” says Wesley Ryan Grubbs, residential mortgage loan officer with Mid America Mortgage in Flower Mound, Texas. “I have dedicated my time to ensure that veterans are educated and aware of their benefits and how to fully maximize their value through the VA home loan process with integrity, respect and professionalism.”
Jonathan HaugJonathan Haug
Mortgage Consultant, Prosperity Home Mortgage LLC
Chesapeake, Va.

“The patriots who serve or have served in the U.S. military represent the best our country has to offer,” says Jonathan Haug, mortgage consultant with Chesapeake, Va.-based Prosperity Home Mortgage LLC. “I have seen firsthand how these men and women, along with their families, sacrifice so much to protect and defend the things we hold dear. I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to help these past and present servicemembers, and their families, with one of the most important purchases of their lives.”
Shelly HeimerShelly Heimer
Loan Officer, C2 Financial
San Diego, Calif.

“As a disabled Army veteran, there are few people who can relate and understand the true sacrifice of military service,” says Shelly Heimer, a loan officer with C2 Financial in San Diego, Calif. “My foundation as a loan officer is built on honor and integrity. These principals are a direct reflection of my commitment to serve not only in the military, but to my fellow servicemen, women and veterans.”
Balenda HetzelBalenda Hetzel
Regional Production Manager, Inlanta Mortgage
Destin, Fla.

“Many of my immediate family are veterans, and I serve vets because of their and other’s selfless sacrifice to serve us,” says Balenda Hetzel, regional production manager with Inlanta Mortgage in Destin, Fla. “I am a part of Homes for Heroes, former president of the local spouses’ group at Hurlburt Field, serve on a couple of military affairs committees, volunteer at events throughout the year, and support the Water Warriors. We often have a local member of the military with us at the holidays who does not have family locally.”
Alex JimenezAlex Jimenez
Branch Manager, Benchmark Mortgage
Spring Hill, Tenn.

“Our nation's heroes and their families have sacrificed so that me and my family can enjoy the freedoms that our great country provides,” says Alex Jimenez, branch manager at Benchmark Mortgage in Spring Hill, Tenn. “The least I could do to give back is make sure that those very same heroes get their slice of the American dream of homeownership.”
Carl Anders Johnson IIICarl Anders Johnson III
Sales Manager/Senior Loan Officer, CMG Financial
Woodbury, Minn.

“Servicemembers and veterans are the bravest among us, who voluntarily have or actively protected our country and our citizens,” says Carl Anders Johnson III, sales manager and senior loan officer with CMG Financial. “When they are interested in buying or refinancing their home, it is an honor to help serve THEM, as my way of thanking them for their service. I feel that a VA loan is the best loan program available and gives VA members the help they need with an affordable payment. Thank you military!”
David Jones
David Jones
Mortgage Loan Originator, Northwestern Home Loans
Bend, Ore.

As a veteran himself, David Jones, mortgage loan originator with Northwestern Home Loans in Bend, Ore., has a mission to serve those who serve us all, anonymously. David is on the board of the newly formed VAREP, is an active member of: Central Oregon Veteran's Outreach; Central Oregon Veteran's Ranch; Deschutes County Veteran's Services; and as an alumni of Save a Warrior, David also mentors veterans struggling with PTS by holding weekly meetings on Friday mornings. David is also one heck of a Mortgage Professional!
Janice LanningJanice Lanning
Mortgage Consultant, Prosperity Home Mortgage LLC
Fredericksburg, Va.

“Our servicemembers and military families have made tremendous scarifies for our country. While I have never served in the military, assisting veterans achieve the American dream of homeownership is one way to express my appreciation and gratitude, and actually give something back,” says Janice Lanning, mortgage consultant with Prosperity Home Mortgage LLC in Fredericksburg, Va. “I strive to help them every step of the way, and to always treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve.”
Sue MerkendorferSue Merkendorfer
Senior Loan Originator, LoanDepot
Lisle, Ill.

Since 1982, Sue Merkendorfer, senior loan originator with LoanDepot in Lisle, Ill., has been helping individuals and families with loan and mortgage solutions. Sue was recognized as a Five-Star Mortgage Professional by Chicago Magazine in the October 2011, 2012, 2013,2014 and 2015 edition's, A Five Year Winner. Sue is also a recognized mortgage expert for the Illinois Housing Development Authority. She has also been active in many local causes, including Habitat for Humanity, Sleep Out Saturday, and New Beginnings Shih Tzu Rescue
Clay MurrayClay Murray
Mortgage Loan Originator, Military Home Loans d/b/a American Pacific Mortgage Corporation
San Diego, Calif.

“Protect and serve, honestly, should be a two-way street … unfortunately, it's not always the case,” says Clay Murray, a mortgage loan originator with Military Home Loans d/b/a American Pacific Mortgage Corporation in San Diego. “My team and I devote ourselves to unmatched service and a company core value of ‘Do the right thing ... ALWAYS.’ That is the bare minimum of what we can do for our military.”

Jennifer Kay OttJennifer Kay Ott
Senior Loan Officer, Mid America Mortgage
Addison, Texas

“My younger brother, Chad, died in battle in Baghdad in 2004 and he is my ‘why,’” says Jennifer Kay Ott, a senior loan officer with Mid America Mortgage. “Every time I help a servicemember or a veteran, I continue to move forward in my grief, a little piece of my heart heals more each time. It has been an honor serving all these amazing servicemen and women over the years … this is my passion, my calling and it has been an amazing journey.”
Jeremy PageJeremy Page
Branch Manager & Mortgage Consultant, Inlanta Mortgage Inc.
Greenfield, Wis.

“My commitment to veterans stems from my family heroes, including my father, stepfather, aunts, uncles and cousins, plus my wife’s parents … both of whom currently work at the Zablocki VA Hospital, and my wife who works for the Department of Veteran Affairs,” says Jeremy Page, branch manager and mortgage consultant with Inlanta Mortgage Inc. “I am part of Homes for Heroes and a supporter of Folds of Honor. My branch sponsors an annual banner of support which is sent with a care package to USO Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan.”
Joy PrischingJoy Prisching
Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending, Key Mortgage Services Inc.
Schaumburg, Ill.

“My father and father-in-law both served in the Korean War and WWII, and many family members were career military personnel,” says Joy Prisching, senior vice president of mortgage lending at Key Mortgage Services Inc. in Schaumburg, Ill. “I enjoy helping people who have given so much to our country buy their first home. So many never knew buying was even an option!”

Tyson RondeauTyson Rondeau
Branch Manager, American Pacific Mortgage
Scottsdale, Ariz.

“The most important factor is trust, which is the crucial factor in building any relationship,” says Tyson Rondeau, branch manager with American Pacific Mortgage in Scottsdale, Ariz. “We advise, direct and protect veterans on the journey to owning a home. We want to be the lender for life growing with the veteran family. We understand that owning a home helps our veterans in building net worth. Our goal is to meet the veteran's deadlines, discuss all the pitfalls in the process, and they purchase the right home.”
Erika SaldanaErika Saldana
Senior Loan Officer, Fairway Independent Mortgage Company
San Antonio, Texas

“My 98-year-old grandfather is a WWII veteran, my father is a Vietnam veteran, and brother served as an Army medic during Desert Storm,” says Erika Saldana, senior loan officer with Fairway Independent Mortgage Company in San Antonio, Texas. “Our men and women who have bravely served, or are currently serving, deserve the very best. I believe they should have world-class treatment for their sacrifice to defend and protect this great nation and our freedom.”
Carter ShortCarter Short
Senior Loan Advisor, American Pacific Mortgage
San Diego, Calif.

Carter Short, senior loan advisor with American Pacific Mortgage, has worked in the mortgage industry/real estate investment fields for more than 11 years. He specializes in the VA home loan because being a Navy veteran himself, he understand that the VA loan tends to be misunderstood. He has dedicated a large portion of his career to dispelling many of the common misconceptions surrounding it, through community seminars and lectures. Carter dedicates his time to non-profit organizations such as VAREP/Lions Club for community outreach.
Dave SlaterDave Slater
Branch Manager, Senior Loan Officer, Academy Mortgage Corporation
Colorado Springs, Colo.

“Serving military servicemembers for almost two decades has been one of the highlights of my career,” says Dave Slater, branch manager and senior loan officer with Academy Mortgage Corporation in Colorado Springs, Colo. “The brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces sacrifice so much to ensure our freedom—delivering affordable homeownership solutions is the least we can do to support them.”

Jim SnyderJim Snyder
Branch Manager, Inlanta Mortgage
Pewaukee, Wis.

“I believe it’s important to give back to those who have the courage to step forward and serve in our military, and who continue to protect the freedom that was given to us more than 200 years ago,” says Jim Snyder, branch manager of Inlanta Mortgage in Pewaukee, Wis. “These men and women sacrifice their own lives to keep all of us safe, and helping them buy the home of their dreams is a simple way I can use my expertise to give back to them.”
Brad StevensonBrad Stevenson
Mortgage Consultant, Prosperity Home Mortgage LLC
Williamsburg, Va.

“We recognize that our military serves us 24/7,” says Brad Stevenson, mortgage consultant with Prosperity Home Mortgage LLC in Williamsburg, Va. “We get an opportunity to try to thank them by delivering the smoothest transaction possible for them and their families. I work to be available for them no matter what time zone they are in to answer all questions and alleviate any stress that could be part of the mortgage financing process. Helping serve the military is one of the greatest joys of my job.”
Jason StierJason Stier
VA Home Loan Specialist, Benchmark Mortgage
Plano, Texas

“The men and women who protect this country deserve the best possible experience,” says Jason Stier, VA home loan specialist for Benchmark Mortgage in Plano, Texas. “Educating them about this hard-earned benefit, while honoring my family's service, is the greatest honor.”

Brad StinsonBrad Stinson
VA Home Loan Specialist, Benchmark Mortgage
Grand Rapids, Mich.

“I am a United States Marine Corps veteran and VA home loan specialist,” says Brad Stinson of Benchmark Mortgage in Grand Rapids, Mich. “Since transitioning to civilian life, I have dedicated myself to helping my brothers and sisters in arms achieve the American dream of homeownership.”

John ThomasJohn Thomas
Branch Manager, Primary Residential Mortgage Inc.
Newark, Del.

“I believe that the people that risk their lives to protect this country and ensure that we have the freedoms that we have should be given every opportunity to live the American dream of owning a home and building wealth,” says John Thomas, branch manager for Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. in Newark, Del. “I want to ensure that veterans take advantage of a great vehicle to help them get started on this journey by using their VA loan to purchase a home.”
Tamara VandiverTamara Vandiver
Loan Officer, Movement Mortgage
Charleston, S.C.

Tamara Vandiver, a loan officer with Movement Mortgage in Charleston, S.C. is retired from the U.S. Air Force; an MMBC-licensed instructor; a CWP class host; leader of SSON (a non-profit that provides non-military PTSD help); a veteran’s advocate; a Tri-County Veterans Support Network sponsor/board member, focusing on veterans in crisis where she swings a hammer for the affordable housing initiative, raises funds, serves meals, distributes hygiene items, connects vets to benefits/resources, homeless veteran backpack drives, and adopts foster families for Christmas. She is ethical has made a significant positive impact in the veteran community.
Andrew VierraAndrew Vierra
Branch Manager/Mortgage Planner, WealthWise Mortgage Planning
Folsom, Calif.

“Military women and men sign a blank check, payable to the United States of America, for an amount up to and including their life,” says Andrew Vierra, branch manager and mortgage planner with WealthWise Mortgage Planning. “They do this willingly and unselfishly, to protect our rights, freedoms and way of life. As a military father and American, I’m grateful for their sacrifice and am committed to ensuring that all know the truth about the benefit they’ve earned and are too-often discouraged from using because of either bias or misinformation.”
Rick WardRick Ward
Branch Manager, Benchmark Mortgage
Colorado Springs, Colo.

“As a U.S. Army veteran, I take great pride in serving those who have served,” says Rick Ward, branch manager with Colorado Springs, Colo.-based Benchmark Mortgage. “We enjoy the freedoms that we have in the USA because of the sacrifices of the brave men and women who serve in our military. It's a duty of all Americans to ensure that our military community receives the best possible experience when they purchase a home to achieve the American dream of homeownership.
Roderic WhitfieldRoderic Whitfield
Senior Loan Officer, Mid America Mortgage
Addison, Texas

“Since our veterans have risked everything to serve their country, they are entitled to the best loan options,” says Roderic Whitfield, senior loan officer with Mid America Mortgage in Addison, Texas. “VA compares very favorably to other programs in the market.”

Best Military Lenders

Academy Mortgage CorporationAcademy Mortgage Corporation
Draper, Utah
Academy Mortgage Corporation is proud to serve our nation’s military personnel and veterans by providing affordable mortgage solutions and supporting military-related organizations. Academy is a featured provider with Homes for Heroes, Heroes Home Advantage, and other state housing programs. One company promotion donated $100 for every veteran who applied for a loan in November to Homes for Our Troops. Academy Loan Officers are involved with life-improving programs for veterans and military families, like the Boot Campaign.
American Pacific MortgageAmerican Pacific Mortgage
Roseville, Calif.

American Pacific Mortgage (APM) has an entire VA division dedicated to educating, training and assisting originators in supporting veterans and to help educate them about the VA home loan benefit. APM is extensively involved in VAREP and many of the company’s originators hold leadership positions within their local chapters. APM regularly dedicates its time, financial resources, hearts and hands to VA charitable organizations, including Operation Home Front, The Scotch, Rise Above Hardship, and many others.
Benchmark MortgageBenchmark Mortgage
Plano, Texas

More than a one-day event, Boot’N & Shoot’N aims to make a lasting impact on the veteran community. Each year features a memorial tribute to fallen servicemembers, with past honorees including Chris Kyle, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. In addition to $6 million-plus raised for charity partners, Benchmark Mortgage is giving back 365 days of the year with a portion of every loan going back to give brain treatment scholarships.
Caliber Home LoansCaliber Home Loans
Coppell, Texas

Caliber Home Loans has made a major commitment to our nation’s veteran and active military homebuyers. Part of this commitment included the creation of a specialized, in-house educational curriculum that prepared team members to meet the changing needs of our military borrowers. Loan consultants and branch managers who successfully complete the initial requirements and commit themselves to continued education earn the designation of Caliber Military and Veteran Lending Professional.
Fairway Independent Mortgage CorporationFairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
Madison, Wis.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation has received $885,000 in donations for its non-profit, the American Warrior Initiative. Additionally, Fairway Independent Mortgage has donated 21 service dogs to veterans.

Hancock Mortgage Partners LLCHancock Mortgage Partners LLC
Sugar Land, Texas

Hancock Mortgage Partners LLC is involved in many veteran organizations, such being an outreach coordinator for the ESGR program (Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve), a veterans mentor for the Red Cross, and volunteer at its local veteran care facility, a member of Team Red, White and Blue. Hancock Mortgage Partners also takes part in feeding veterans in need and teaching MMBC classes to agents.
St. Louis, Mo.

Hero.Loan is an active supporter of the military. Each year, the company sponsors and sends a team to participate in the Bataan Memorial Death March, a grueling desert march to memorialize the brave soldiers who fell in the Bataan Death March. Hero.Loan also pays for every appraisal on every VA loan, and sponsors The Climb for PTSD.
Key Mortgage Services Inc.Key Mortgage Services Inc.
Schaumburg, Ill.

Key Mortgage Services Inc.’s leadership served on a panel at an event for 100 agents in January where the common misconceptions surrounding VA loans and the Military on the Move Program were highlighted. Key Mortgage’s loan officers presented on these topics and the benefits of VA loans in real estate offices, and encouraged agents to become “Military on the Move” certified. Key Mortgage Services promotes and participates in the Military on the Move program.

Mid America MortgageMid America Mortgage
Addison, Texas

As the proud employer of many veterans, Mid America Mortgage encourages its staff to support veterans organizations and charities in their local communities. Examples of this include volunteering with the Wounded Warrior Program and participating in VFW fundraising efforts.
Mortgage Equity PartnersMortgage Equity Partners
Lynnfield, Mass.
Mortgage Equity Partners (MEP) is committed to supporting the nation’s veterans and active military. MEP believes that protecting the country is the hardest job of all. Homeownership helps our veterans become re-engaged in civilian life, and we have a moral obligation to support them by offering VA loans.
NewDay USANewDay USA
Fulton, Md.

NewDay USA contributes five percent of its net income to countless military-friendly organizations, including the GWOT-Foundation, USO, Military Bowl and an endowed scholarship for veterans at University of Maryland through TerpVets. The company’s foundation has awarded more than $2 million in 60 full, four-year military school scholarships to children of killed or disabled servicemembers. NewDay’s employees volunteer thousands of hours annually, from serving the homeless at Baltimore Station, to hands-on Vietnam and Korean War Memorial cleanup.
NEXA MortgageNEXA Mortgage
Chandler, Ariz.

NEXA Mortgage has multiple loan officers who have created their own services, programs and community outreach programs, such as "Mortgage Bootcamps" that are now producing last year’s yearly total VA loans every month.
Philadelphia Mortgage BrokersPhiladelphia Mortgage Brokers
Collegeville, Penn.

Paul Carson is a certified instructor for the Military Mortgage Boot Camp program, created in January of 2016. The Philadelphia Mortgage Brokers team is currently involved with volunteering for MANNA (Delivering Nourishment & Improving Health in the city of Philadelphia).

Plaza Home MortgagePlaza Home Mortgage
San Diego, Calif.

Plaza Home Mortgage offers an array of VA loan programs, including VA conforming conventional, non-conforming and second liens, government; fixed and ARM; VA IRRRL and VA renovation. In addition, Plaza Home Mortgage has participated in community and charity efforts in support of servicemembers and veterans, including recent involvement in the Veterans Village of San Diego’s 2019 Stand Down event.
Prosperity Home Mortgage LLCProsperity Home Mortgage LLC
Chantilly, Va.

Prosperity Home Mortgage’s mortgage consultants take great care in ensuring that our nation’s servicemen and women have a seamless mortgage experience. Prosperity’s VA Home Loan Advantage program helps veterans and active military obtain competitive VA mortgage loans they would not be able to get at other companies. In addition, Prosperity’s lenders are active in volunteering for veteran homeowner education, mental health awareness, and reintegration initiatives through organizations such as the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals.
McKinney, Texas

Chris Griffith would be the first to tell you his personal production isn’t his biggest value to veterans through the founding of his Debt Does Deals in 2018. His referral service, VettedVA, instead sends veterans to independent brokers across the U.S. to help heroes save on their home purchase and also serving to further unite brokers. While Chris's work on VA lending is impressive, it is likely even more loans closed that he referred elsewhere.

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Jan 27, 2022
Ginnie Mae Exits The Stone Age And Embraces Blockchain

'Some of the procurement stuff that we do, maybe it’s archaic, maybe it needs to be innovated.'

Industry News
Jan 26, 2022