NewDay USA Introduces SafeClose Program to Protect Veteran Homebuyers

NewDay USA Introduces SafeClose Program to Protect Veteran Homebuyers

April 15, 2020
NewDay USA has named Eugene Mizin as its new SVP of operations and finance
In efforts to help veteran homebuyers feel safer during the COVID-19 pandemic, NewDay USA has introduced the SafeClose program, which enables veterans and servicemembers to sign mortgage closing documents without the requirement of a notary agent entering their home.
"SafeClose opens up entirely new possibilities for servicemembers and veterans who are seeking to purchase a home as well as those looking to refinance their existing VA mortgages," said Rob Posner, founder and CEO of NewDay USA.
"This is yet another way we are making a real difference in the lives of veteran families during this critical time for our nation."
SafeClose has broken the closing process down to three steps for veterans and servicemembers. Veterans can use their computers to review and sign loans documents, there are five documents that will be delivered to the veterans front door and finally, the signature will be made outside the door in view of a notary, who will be observing from a safe distance. 
"With SafeClose, NewDay USA is taking every possible precaution to take care of our veterans and keep them safe during the current health environment," said NewDay USA Executive Chairman, Admiral Tom Lynch (USN, Ret.). "With our eSign capabilities, veteran borrowers can also complete almost all of their mortgage documents online, which saves time and further reduces person-to-person contact."