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Rip the Band-Aid Off

5 Easy Steps to Making Hard Decisions

Tina Asher
Tina Asher
decision making band aid

Last week I had a client say, “It felt good to rip off the Band-Aid” after completing her first interview in several years. She has had a successful career with a company she’s been loyal to and yet has felt she wants to explore what else is out there.

It got me thinking about the process of doing something uncomfortable and going for it.

Just as a Band-Aid’s purpose is to comfort and protect you, your comfort zone in a job, relationship, or your surroundings can bring complacency. The anxiety for what’s next can stop you from moving forward. When you stop exploring, it can stunt your ability to grow, heal, or re-energize.

What thing in your life are you ready to “rip the Band-Aid off” and get out of your comfort zone?

To help make decisions easier, I’ve created a process to help, in my Change Cycle model.

Change Cycle

5 Easy Steps to Making Hard Decisions:

A change I’m considering making is ___________________________.

1. Alignment: How does this change align with my core values? (Think of categories for your core values and how you’d rank them in importance: family, finances, faith, health, hobbies, etc.)

2. Learn: If I make this change, what will I learn?

3. Evolve: If I make this change how will I evolve professionally, personally, spiritually, and what changes could occur?

4. Impact: What will be the impact on me, my family or loved ones, my surroundings, or my health if I make this change? What impact will it have if I don’t in each area?

5. Consequences: What are the consequences if I do or don’t make this change?

Answer each question with as many reasons that surface, then go back and evaluate your answers. The biggest impact for making the change should revert to your answers in number 1, the alignment to your core values.

Once you determine the alignment and all the facets to making the change, the decision to move forward or not will be clear.

As with my client, as uncomfortable as it was, she knew she had my support, and once she took action and ripped off the Band-Aid, her next steps became clear. Action breeds confidence. The more you do something the better you get and the easier it becomes. She’s now ready and excited about exploring additional opportunities.

This article was originally published in the Mortgage Women Magazine July 2022 issue.
Tina Asher
Tina Asher

Tina Asher is a coach and founder of Build U Up Consulting.

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