Investor Confidence in Today’s Non-QM And Why Originators Are Paying Attention... A Virtual Town Hall

REC. Apr 08, 2021

We host Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions for a special 2021 edition of their virtual town hall series they ran from last summer through the fall. In this webinar, Angel Oak gears up to engage with the audience on topics that originators can get excited about! The investor appetite and confidence in non-QM origination remains strong but what does that mean exactly for originators? Angel Oak brings in a group that breaks down what is going on in capital markets, the impact on originators, and HOW originators need to utilize it to grow their business.

In true town hall form, Angel Oak will field live questions throughout the hour, provide answers to attendee questions submitted previously during registration, and end with a full Q & A. Be sure to submit questions on the registration page and bring them on April 8th as well!   
What to expect: 

  • Learn how the investor demand and appetite for non-QM origination affects originators’ business and why originators should care 
  • Angel Oak’s recent securitization and 22nd since 2015 was their most successful yet…see how originators can benefit 
  • Hear about non-QM product updates and how to close more loans NOW 
  • Gain insights on selling non-QM and how to apply it in the field today  
Be part of the conversation — attend a live webinar.