Entering a Hot Market: What New Brokers Really Need to Know

REC. Jul 15, 2021

As the mortgage industry shifts away from the refinance boom and pivots towards the high demand of purchase originations, new brokers entering the market are faced with the challenge of understanding what exact tools, associated costs, and technology are needed when getting started. In addition, they also have the pressure of meeting the increased borrower demands of a contact-free digital mortgage experience and what that entails. To combat this fast-paced market, it is vital for new brokers to understand the needs of their borrowers while leveraging solutions that help to reduce originating time.

Join Virginia Minter and Dan Marquez, National Sales Consultants, and Juan Villegas National Sales, Support, and Account Director for Calyx Software as they break down the answers to:

  • Highlighting the current mortgage lending landscape
  • Challenges new brokers face when entering the market
  • Understanding the shift in borrower expectations
  • Understanding the importance of a borrower’s buying profile
  • Leveraging the right technology and tools to assist in the origination process
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