How to Increase Your Revenue Through Real Estate Agent, CPA & Attorney Relationships

REC. Nov 19, 2020

Building and fostering relationships with referral partners can make a big difference in how brokers and loan officers source qualified leads. During this webinar, National Sales Trainer Jim Nudelman from Carrington Mortgage Services will explain several techniques that help you break through to key decision-makers, real estate agents, CPAs, and Attorneys and get the results that will help you grow your business.

Join Kevin DeLory, Senior Vice President of Wholesale & Correspondent and Jim Nudelman, National Sales Trainer for Carrington Mortgage and learn how to successfully: 

  • Get the attention of your key decision-maker through the YEUSS email process
  • Inspire curiosity over the phone by generating additional interest
  • Handle typical masking questions with an appropriate response
  • Be able to quickly identify key challenges realtors have in working with lenders and brokers
Be part of the conversation — attend a live webinar.