Making A Great Second Half of 2023 (even with a slow homebuying season)

REC. Jul 20, 2023


For many loan originators across the country, the spring homebuying season was a bit disappointing. There are many reasons that sales were slow, but with more than $1 trillion in new loans up for grabs this year, there's still time to make 2023 a great year. To succeed, you must know where to find new mortgage business and how to win it in a highly competitive market leveraging data. This webinar will give you the answers.

Join Mike Darne, VP of Marketing, CreditXpert as he discusses how to

  • Understand what happened this spring and what you must do now
  • See where new business is hiding in your database through the use of the Mortgage Credit Potential Index (MCPI)
  • Learn the key element that will empower your sales efforts (hint: trust)
  • Find out how to win more business and get your year back on track
Be part of the conversation — attend a live webinar.