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How to Use Credit as A Strategic Tool to Attract More Leads, Make Better Offers and Close More Loans

  In a market that has contracted from record highs, lenders need to find new ways to attract more leads, mak...

Oct 06, 2022
3 Ways to Use Credit to WIN in a Competitive Market

There are some major forces that will shape the 2022 mortgage market. To begin with, rising interest rates wil...

Mar 15, 2022
Today’s Borrowers and Their Credit: Findings from a New Research Study

CreditXpert recently fielded a major study of borrowers that recently purchased or refinanced a home. The stud...

Sep 23, 2021
Credit-Ready Borrowers Close Faster!

Get ready: the mortgage market is about to become more competitive than ever. Fewer borrowers chasing a limite...

Apr 29, 2021
Prepare Your Pipeline For 2021

After a year that no one could have predicted, projections predict the end of 2020 slowing down. Now is the ti...

Nov 05, 2020