Shine the Spotlight on Credit to Stand Out as a Mortgage Lender

REC. Oct 12, 2023

Getting leads and closing loans will be all about differentiating yourself from your competitors, both for the new homebuyer and for your wholesale lending partners. Our friends at CreditXpert take this seriously because they have to do the same work for themselves. So we asked them to tell you how they do it and then how you can do the same thing, without any additional work. Let’s see how their data-driven credit optimization platform does the work for you and your borrower.

  • Stand out as a loan officer by working with credit first in the lending process. We'll walk through the steps of the process, to explain how CreditXpert's custom credit improvement plans can change the course and timeline of lead to close. 
  • Referencing CreditXpert’s Mortgage Credit Potential Index, you’ll see where (in which credit bands) the most credit optimization could occur, and where in each specific market. 
  • Don't take borrower's credit at face value! This is not credit repair or credit counseling, it’s data-driven technology to create credit improvement plans.
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