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Are you the Solution or the Problem?

Tom Ninness
Aug 20, 2009

As any sales professional knows, customer service is #1. Without it, your customers or clients will likely not be sending referrals and your Professional Referral Sources will be hesitant with leads. Make sure with every transaction you are not only the expert, the go-to person and the team extraordinaire but the solution to the client's every problem. This doesn't mean you have the answer to everything, especially when the problem lies outside your expertise. This is the perfect opportunity to highlight your Professional Referral Sources by offering THEIR expertise for whatever the client's issue is. Even if no solution is found, by making the effort, the client will appreciate your efforts as a problem solver. If you operate with a team in your office, make sure each member is equipped to help the client as well. Even if they have to say,"I don't know the answer, but I will find out". Who will you help today? Customer service goes well beyond the final sale. Make sure that your service is's a sure path to repeat business! To Your Success!
Aug 20, 2009