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Bad TV commercials

Ian Wright
Aug 27, 2009

OK, Last night was the final straw. I'm sick and tired of these mortgage companies making commercials that look like news programs. Fake anchor people and reporters in the field; "The federal government has authorized "so and so" to provide low cost FHA mortgages to homeowners in trouble". These stupid advertisements mislead the public. They are created to instill fear in homeowners to use this and only this mortgage company to get out of trouble. This fear creates a less than informed consumer who in a panic, gets a loan from a mortgage company that really only wants to prey on the less fortuneate. Yes, I said it, these ads are a form of predatory lending! TV commercials cost a lot of money to produce and air time is expensive to buy. Who pays for that? You guessed it.... Spread the word, Run the bad players out of the industry! An informed consumer is a good consumer. Fear tactics have no place in this market. People are in trouble and need our help. They don't need us reaching into their pockets to cover our ad budgets.
Aug 27, 2009