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Banks closings for the week ending June 11 - Slow week. Only one closing this week making it 82 this year

Bank Closing Chronicle
Jun 14, 2010

 This week's only bank closing was Washington First International Bank out of Seattle WA. Here's some details about Washington First International Bank which was founded in 1990.      Financial Summary from Total assets: $654.0 mil Equity capital: $67.2 mil Deposits held in domestic offices: $517.2 mil Return on assets (ROA): -1.41% (-$9.2 mil) Quarterly return on assets: -7.45% (-$48.7 mil) Return on Equity (ROE): -12.48% (-$8.4 mil) Quarterly return on equity: -70.57% (-$47.3 mil) Net income: -$8.7 mil Quarterly Net income: -$12.1 mil Pretax return on assets: -2.21% (-$14,454.5 mil) Quarterly Pretax return on assets: -11.42% (-$74,692.4 mil) Read more.      
Jun 14, 2010