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The Birth of Vivian Rose Berman's Impact on the Mortgage Industry (or at least how we report on it)

Andrew T Berman
Oct 04, 2010

Sorry for the delay I want to start off with an apologize for missing a day on our NMP Daily edition for yesterday (Friday).  I do have a good reason. Friday at 9:32 am, another gift was passed to The Berman family ... Vivian Rose Berman weighting 7 lbs., 10 oz. and measuring in at 19-in. long. And YES, mother and baby are doing perfect! Why am I writing about this here? First, to explain why there was no daily yesterday, and secondly, to let you know about an internal rebirth of our editorial mission here at National Mortgage Professional Magazine. This is inspired by the birth of Vivian Rose, my 3-year old daughter Ava Jayne (who wakes up each day with the biggest smile) AND the amazing people I have met through Mortgage Revolution (some of these guys just block out the negative and find the hidden pearls of opportunity in the good and "bad news"). Everyone knows our National Mortgage Professional Magazine print edition as a great resource for ground-breaking concepts, new ideas and a great way to stay on top of industry trends. However, on the companion Web site,, I have started to feel like the buzzkill of the industry. Sadly, much of the news these days is negative news either about our declining economy, industry-changing regulations, nationwide accounts of mortgage fraud or various other factors that are impacting all areas of the mortgage industry, from origination to the secondary market, to servicing. Riding the coattails of the "bad news" The good news about the "bad news" coverage we give is that we have a lot more people listening to us each day. Daily traffic has skyrocketed thanks to our fans, bloggers, and just good old fashion organic Google traffic. Furthermore, the number of people signing up for our NMP Daily newsletter and Mortgage News Ticker grows at a massive rate each day. While my team's focus is primarily on the area of the origination side of the business, with an emphasis on the mortgage broker, the daily content that goes on is also attracting mortgage professionals from the major banks, community banks, credit unions, servicers, and various vendors that offer services for all stages of the life of a loan. So ... what's the change? Simply put, more positivity! The doesn't mean that we are going to stop covering the latest breaking news that has a negative impact on our industry, it just means that we are going to make a concerted effort to infuse a positive message to help offset the negative headlines. This includes motivational articles, inspirational videos and quotes, strategies how to make a positive impact on your community, while making a few Shekels.  
Oct 04, 2010