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Find the Right Real Estate Investor Leads with Property Investor Lists

National Mortgage Professional
Jul 12, 2010

Many people choose to invest their money instead of letting it sit collecting miniscule amounts of interest in a bank savings account. Investing in real estate is a common way of ensuring that your money is working for you, instead of the other way around. There are as many types of potential investors as there are investments, but investors all have one thing in common—they’re looking for the right project for their particular budget and goals. Real Estate Marketers who are trying to target these people need to know that their messages are reaching the right audience. One way to ensure that telemarketing and direct mail campaigns are connecting with in-market decision-makers is to use Real Estate Investor lists. These lists can be tailored to reach the specific type of investors who Real Estate Investment Seekers are trying to reach. The following are just a few of the investor types that real estate investor leads can target: •Real estate investors — these are individual investors who already have invested in real estate or requested information regarding an investment for a minimum of $10,000. These investors are particularly interested in the relative security of real estate and the potential yield. The offers are for residential or commercial buildings, land, apartments, single family homes, office complexes and other property. These individuals are an average age of 54 and have an average net wealth of $280,000. •Homeowners — these are high income and high net worth individuals who have a high percentage of equity in their home. They are looking to invest their income in many different options, including vacations, home improvements and luxury purchases. These individuals are an average age of 58 and have an average net worth of $780,000. •Vacation home and second home buyers and prospects — these affluent investors already have a second vacation home or have expressed interest in buying one. They are frequent travelers and have decided that a second vacation home would be a cost effective investment or are interested in a second vacation home for their personal use. These individuals are an average age of 58 and have an average net worth of $850,000. •Collateralized mortgage obligation (CMO) holders, inquirers and prospects — CMO’s are a set of mortgages, called a pool. Investors in a CMO buy bonds issued by the CMO and they receive payments according to a set of rules. These leads refer to people who already have a CMO or have inquired about getting one or would be likely to be interested in a CMO. The CMO’s are offered through a financial planning institution and are secured by real estate. These individuals are an average age of 58 and have an average net worth of $780,000. The lists are compiled using a variety of sources, including subscriptions, investment questionnaires, information from seminars that prospects have attended, previous real estate transactions, government records, telemarketing and direct mail pieces. Endless Resources can provide marketers with tailored prospect lists that will reach whatever kind of real estate investors they’re trying to reach, whether it’s a homeowner looking for that great vacation spot or a businessperson looking to put her money to work.
Jul 12, 2010